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Kamen Rider Drive June 2015 Scans

June hasn't come yet but the scans from the June issue of Terebi-Kun has finally made it to the pit stop! Here are some new scans featuring Kamen Rider Drive Type Tridoron!

Shinnosuke will transform into this ultimate form after Rinna revives Shinnosuke (after getting his butt kicked by Freeze) using Tridoron’s power. All the Shift Cars, the belt and Tridoron will combine to form a new shift car: Shift Tridoron. Shinnosuke will use this new Shift Car to gain access to his ultimate form, Type Tridoron.

In this form, Drive can combine 3 Shift Cars and use all of their abilities in one go. This gimmick is called Tire Mix-up. Seen in the above pics are Attack 1-2-3 (flare, shadow, spike), People Saver (hunter, braver, doctor) and Work Site (dump, mixer, gravity).

And to top it off, the overall design really looks like a Cliffjumper recolor of the Bumblebee movie version. June is certainly going to be a hot month for drive!

Source: kamenriderdrive tumblr

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8 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    A NUU ET.

    First you get the wheels, then you get the whole car.
    Also, Fourze would be so PROUD. DAT DRILL.

  2. Why does he look like a repainted Cybermen?

  3. Anonymous Says:

    just realize the foot..

  4. Why does he now look like a repainted Cybermen?

  5. Anonymous Says:


  6. Anonymous Says:

    It only looks like repainted Cyberman if you've never actually seen one and only had one described to you.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    The feet guys, the feet. Just stop doing anything and pay full attention to his feet. DEM FEET

  8. Nope. Still looks a lot like a Cyberman from Doctor Who. Not EXACTLY the same, but the round headlights that looks like eyes just totally reminds me of these crazy robots right away.

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