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Kamen Rider Drive The Movie: Dark Drive's Mission Revealed

Besides those awesome movie pics, Cinema Today's official site has also released an article for the movie, Kamen Rider Drive The Movie: Surprise Future regarding Kamen Rider Dark Drive's main mission.

A dark secret hidden in the Drive System will bring global despair to the world. Hailing from the year 2035, is a force from the future called Kamen Rider Dark drive. Armed with the Blade Gunner and assisted by dark versions of the Shift Cars, he uses the NEX Tridoron to travel back in time to terminate the user of the Drive system and that is Shinnosuke Tomari a.k.a Kamen Rider Drive. Who is Kamen Rider Dark Drive and who is he working for?

The movie's plot is said to coincide and expand with the TV series. Now let's wait for some movie trailers to come!

Source: Carception_Henshin

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3 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    Again, do they have to cal him Dark Drive? Why not Future Drive, or New Drive, or Next Gen Drive?

  2. Anonymous Says:


  3. Anonymous Says:

    Is he a Roidmude from the future?

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