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Kamen Rider Drive Episode 44 Clips - The Countdown Has Began!

And the countdown to the final battle has began as Banno's ultimate creation is finally online! Who will win? Who will die? Find out in this week's clips taken straight from the 44th episode of Kamen Rider Drive! Oh, the Chief has finally transformed too!

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2 Responses
  1. BANNO!!!!!! You Son of a BITCH you crossed the line this time and I'm serious first you created a belt copy, next mess with the power of love between Medic and Heart, third torchering Heart like some lab rat, finally you killed one of the best Roidmoids of this series and that's Brain and Chase which is in the next episode

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Anyone else think that Banno is just not a good character? I mean, he's a generic doomsday villain, and it seems like his only purpose is to make Heart and co. look good.

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