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Premium Bandai DX Gashadokuro Yoshuriken revealed!

"Yojutsu: Gashadokuro Shokan no Jutsu!"

And there you have it! After Premium Bandai announcing earlier this year that a  DX Yokai Mallet, Izayoi Kyuemon's personal arsenal, is being released; P. Bandai has announced yet another addition to that very arsenal! Presenting the DX Gashadokuro Yoshuriken!

Not just that, it's also compatible with the DX Ninja Ichibantou, and can produce special sounds for the Yoshuriken alone! 

This special Yoshuriken is scheduled for a December 2015 release at an affordable price of 2700 Yen, by far one of the cheapest prices we've ever seen in P. Bandai toy merchandise. Contact your middlemen right away to get your hands on this one ASAP

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