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Kamen Rider Ghost: Introducing Kamen Rider Spectre

Here are some new Terebi Magazine October 2015 scans featuring the soon-to-debut rival to our new main hero, Kamen Rider Ghost, and  a man on a mission: Kamen Rider Spectre.

Kamen Rider Spectre's civilian identity is Makoto Fukami, a cool, rational and theoretical person of a young man who's after Ghost's Eyecons. But unlike our main hero who died and was resurrected as a ghost, he is still alive.

Kamen Rider Spectre's main weapon is the Gan Gan Hand which has two modes: rod mode and gun mode.

Lastly, Kamen Rider Spectre's super machine is called the Machine Hoodie

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9 Responses
  1. IMO, Spectre look much more badass than Ghost...
    Ghost looked too harmless and soft nature comparing to him..

    Specture's bike too! Nice!!!!!

  2. Unknown Says:

    At first glance, Kamen Rider Spectre somehow resembles Momotaros of KR Den-O (well,set aside the color and major facial design.


  3. Unknown Says:

    Unbelieveable!! Badass bike design ever since Cyclone!!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Hm if were getting our second rider this early, then there going to be a third rider. Possible names, Phantom, Wraith, or Spook.

  5. Unknown Says:

    Batcharimiro! Batcharimiro! Kaigan, Spectre! Let's go! Kakugo! Doki doki, ghost!

  6. We've got the name Phantom already in Wizard. I would suggest the name Horror for this.

    Oh wait, that's Garo...

  7. Unknown Says:

    How about Ghoul.. oh wait that's Wizard too.
    Kamen Rider Spook? Spirit? Soul? Shadow? Satan?!

  8. Unknown Says:

    He looks to similar to ghost

  9. Unknown Says:

    He looks to similar to ghost

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