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Super Sentai Review: Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger

Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger may be the show that some at first impression may say, "Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers." at first glance but it's not. After writing my Chojin Sentai Jetman Review, this would be my second Super Sentai series review though i may do more Anime reviews.

Remembering the first time I discovered of Zyuranger's existence, I started to read episode synopsis and started getting into Zyuranger via raw then later fan subs before it was released on DVD by Shout! Factory. I always thought that I like the show better than its adaptation or localization, Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers where the whole show shifted from five warriors from ancient past to teenagers with attitude, a trope that was codified from Kosoku Sentai Turboranger.

I might call Zyuranger as the opening of the new era called the post-Jetman era or for the writer era, the late Noboru Sugimira's era where there was the kid of the week. This was the first show that Haim Saban got the rights to produce Mighty Morphin' from, he would later get hold of the Zyu2 episodes that Toei produced for him that time because the show became a monster hit. So I might actually talk about how this show went. A year later, Jurassic Park would be released and later, Mighty Morphin' would become a monster hit in the United States.

When I thought of how Zyuranger was really based on five ancient warriors instead of teenagers with attitude like Turboranger or a later season called Megaranger, I thought is it possible to make a comparison? I remembered playing the Zyuranger video game on the NES thinking it was Mighty Morphin' when it was not. The first time I heard the Zyuranger song, I thought that I heard a similar tune at the NES and said, "Woah, I wasn't playing Power Rangers, that was a totally different series." So I started my "Power Rangers is fake." campaign until I did some research, realizing that Toei and Saban are both responsible for Power Rangers' existence.

How Zyuranger affected my opinion on Mighty Morphin'... several times!

I had a rollercoaster of emotions that is, I started to want to write a blog to bash Power Rangers to no end to going like to neutral again with the franchise. My own personal opinion is that the more I watch Super Sentai, the harder it is for me to appreciate Power Rangers in several occasions. In my own case, the more I rewatch Zyuranger, the harder it is for me to rewatch Mighty Morphin' which happens to be just my personal bias. After I saw the series from start to end via fansubs, I would be more or less stable in my emotions by then.

Looking at the "kid of the week" format, I easily embraced it perhaps it was due to how Kamen Rider Black usually had a kid of a week or two, isn't the show for children? Mighty Morphin' didn't have it all as much as Zyuranger, considering that Bandora's primary target are indeed children. As for the writing, music and just about almost everything, I felt like Zyuranger got me more interested than Mighty Morphin'. Now do I want to rewatch Mighty Morphin' season one? I would but I am tempted to watch more of Zyuranger instead. But as said, both shows are apples and oranges to me.

Either I was shocked or I just accepted the main team's existence as it was. I'll admit that while Trini's counterpart being a Boi (pun intended) was not all too surprising due to the lacking skirt or two, Turboranger had only one female, the rest just had in a rollercoaster of emotions. I would think Geki and Jason were both great leaders in their own respects. I preferred most of the Zyurangers over their Mighty Morphin' counterparts or is it? My greater struggle was always between Mei and Kimberly. I could agree that Mei is indeed more determined and a better fighter but Kimberly for me had the better charm but they're both nice in their own way. Oh you know my favoritism right? =P

During the first time I discovered the villains, either the way they were carried out shocked me or it wasn't a surprise. I immediately recognized Bandora as Rita Repulsa and the rest of the gang for their counterparts. While their plans were silly but they were also full of nightmare fuel. An example of half-brained plans that could not proceed through in Mighty Morphin' due to TV-Y7-FV is that, you can't have them poison Kimberly and have her in a near death situation, something Mei endured and got out of or Bandora's plan to turn children into apples so she can eat them or worse, Bandora serves the deity known as Dai Satan (Lokar). While it might be not so serious by Japanese standards, it definitely isn't TV-Y7-FV material by American standards. Though what wasn't so surprising was that Griforther was married to Lami, considering that Goldar and Scorpina were romantically linked in Mighty Morphin'. Later episodes would reveal why Bandora's kind of evil was attacking innocent children compared to most of your Super Sentai villains that didn't have a particular group to attack.

What I thought also surprised me were the plots involved was namely the huge difference between Tommy and Burai. As a child, I was a huge Tommy fan until I found him as an overused and overrated character. For Burai, he's a really good character, well developed and I'll admit, I wasn't surprised to learn that the Green Candle wasn't Bandora's invention but it represented his life force. I would admit I love the "Green with Evil" that Burai was into from the time he appeared, he had a really frightening evil laugh, everything was done by his actions from his evil side to when he finally found redemption with the others. I mean we never got to see Tommy best Goldar in the same way Burai best Griforther out of suit. In a way, I'm no longer a Tommy fan after Zyuranger happened.

Closing words

Whenever I think about my relationship between Zyuranger and Mighty Morphin', I would say that I could still enjoy both shows to a certain extent. I would think about that Mighty Morphin' is a show I can still have fond memories as far as Season One is concerned. Zyuranger for me is the superior show based on what I just mentioned but it doesn't mean I hate the other show. As Zyuranger is now released on DVD by Shout! Factory, I wonder how are the older Power Rangers fans reacting to it and honestly, I hope they are still enjoying both shows.

Then again, you can tell I'm not really a huge fan of both shows since my review is a little shorter. ;)

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7 Responses
  1. Ahh... one of my favorite show that back in time (about 20 years ago), we call it as Power Rangers, but yeah that was what they show instead of Zyuranger (we do have Flashman and Maskman aired in Malaysia back then). I do remember one of the DX Megazord that I'm wanted it so badly when it was first time aired on Malaysian television (if some of you got any shop where I can find DX Megazord, please tell me).

    Until when I saw the production crew photo, I never knew the suit actor for Pink Ranger was played by a male. My life for over 20 years was a lie......

  2. Unknown Says:

    Not sure if I can find any answer here, there is this show that air around the same time as flashman kamen rider black n maskman in Malaysia is about a hero that is in red clown costume that can fly and fight alien monster and have a brother which in in blue or green clown outfit,do anyone know what is the show name I was talking about?

  3. Unknown Says:

    Live action or anime / animated?
    Honestly I haven't watched Zyuranger yet, but I know those Zyu's is far more serious than MMPR. But that's the point, MMPR is intended for kids, our childhood memories. Zyuranger is KR Black equivalent for Super Sentai ( Geki and Burai / Kotaro and Nobuhiko ) and KR Black is also kids show so, maybe it just cultural differences pov for both American and Japanese ' kids show'

  4. Unknown Says:

    @Deen Not going to post a huge link but Amazon has Power Rangers Legacy Megazord Action Figure [60$ - FREE Shipping]

    @Lau Maybe you can find it here:

    I tried to Google-Magik the show for you but kinda hard to find with little info. :(

  5. Yeah...Flashman and Maskman...i knew them before i knew MMPR...after years,Jetman also aired at,many sentai and pr aired at Malaysia...

  6. Unknown Says:

    Super sentai is superior. But power rangers lead me to the original series which i will always be grateful for. Ill still check in with power rangers cause its interesting to see the us only villains and how they adapt the monsters(which is why i loved the series as a kid). Plus it helps make future fans of the series

  7. Turning kids into APPLES? Wow....I guess regardless of which version you watch, the bad guys had really stupid plans... - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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