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DX Tousai Zyuoh Official Images

With Zyuoh The World's rockin' debut coming this sunday, the official images for his personal mecha in DX toy form has been released and man this thing looks awesome!

This hulking mecha set will consist of the Cube Rhino, Cube Wolf and Cube Alligator which will combine to Tosuai Zyuoh. Cube Wolf and Cube Alligator will also be compatible with the DX Zyuoh King with both of them forming as Zyuoh King's legs.

DX Tousai Zyuoh will be released this June 25th for the price of 8,856 yen.

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1 Response
  1. Unknown Says:

    Those shoulders are hefty looking, I don't think we are getting any articulation out of this one. Not even in the arms.

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