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Power Rangers Ninja Steel - PMC 2016 Series Annoucement Pics

The Power Rangers Ninja Steel series announcement fever is not done yet as more images from this year's Power Morphicon has surfaced!

And this couple of pics if for the feels train as Yoshi Sudarso hugs and congratulates his brother, Peter, from becoming a full fledged Power Ranger with the same color that he has worn. Camille Hyde has also her ticket on destination: feels.

Power Rangers Ninja Steel will premiere next year replacing Power Rangers Dino Super Charge after the series ends.

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3 Responses
  1. V Says:

    After the protesting of the casting of Samurai, you'd think the casting directors would finally listen to their fans and cast an Asian as the Red Ranger this time around since they blew three other opportunities (Samurai, Jungle Fury and Ninja Storm). Instead we get yet ANOTHER non-Asian Red this season? Disappointing, but reserving final judgment.

  2. tengu Says:

    his brother!? what the, okay, Yoshi seems to be appear in this new power ranger series as kodda or doing some cameo...

  3. arale norimaki Says:

    what about a red ranger woman next time

    so Power Rangers Ninja Steel is a reality show theme wtf?

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