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Ultraman Ginga S Movie Meet and Greet Highlights

Saving the world and meeting fans within a 3 minute limit? Ultraman Ginga shows you how.

Day 1.September 10 at 11:30am, more than a hundred tokusatsu fans and family flocked down the SM Mall of Asia Cinema lobby at the Philippine premiere of Ultraman Ginga S The Movie waiting for a chance to meet the hero that everybody was expecting for, Ultraman Ginga. When the clock strikes at exactly 12pm, a squad of security guards arrived at the scene along with the SM Cinema management and in the middle of it all, a familiar red and silver suited figure arrives, it's ULTRAMAN GINGA! 

After the opening ceremony, kids, along with their parents, were given a chance to have a photo together with Ultraman Ginga (and boy what an experience that was!!!). Tokusatsu fans were also present in the scene and there was this fan who brought a very personal Ultraman figure that was on an acrylic display base. Freebies were also given to the attendees, among them were Spark dolls and Ultra Eggs. 

At exactly 1pm after the meet and greet event, Team JEFusion was invited for an exclusive interview with Tsuburaya's Senior Sales Executive Mr. Jun Yokoyama wherein the questions asked were:

What are the challenges in making stunts and productions?
"It's not an easy challenge making movies using CGI. Sometimes, we still stick to our classic principle using old school tokusatsu techniques.
What makes Ultraman special?
"Ultraman is a hero of justice. He dedicates his life in protecting the earth and the whole universe."

How can Ultraman Ginga relate to Filipino audiences?
"Ultraman Ginga is aimed for the whole family. The main hero, Hikaru Raido is a high school student and he shows a very human characteristics like respect and love for family and loyalty to his friends and we all know that the Filipino people are family oriented and dedicated."

Are there any other exciting plans for Ultraman in the Philippines?
"Yes there is and we will be announcing it very soon."

So there you go for the day 1 report of Ultraman Ginga Meet and Greet!

Day 2. September 11, the excitement is very much in high gear in SM Megamall Cinema lobby as the second leg of Ultraman Ginga S Movie Meet and Greet started at exactly 12:00pm. Tokusatsu fans, parents and kids alike lined up to grab the chance take a photo with Ultraman Ginga before the show starts.

Freebies like Ultra Eggs, Ultraman dolls (sofubi) and Ultraman transformation devices were given to attendees and tokukatsu fans never wanting to left behind unleashed their inner ultra "Ginga Spark" as they brought out and showcase their variety of personal Ultraman toys and collectibles. 

"Whoa! So many Ultramen and kaiju to choose from."

"Oh! It's me!"

"Look! It's me! It's me!"

After watching and being left in awe by Ultraman Ginga S Movie, round two of the photo session begins and while waiting for the crowd to arrive Ultraman Ginga proved to us why he is a hero we can all look up to as he interacts and play with the kids. Check out the link of the article about Ultraman Ginga's heroic act below and be inspired. Unleash your inner spark! 

Ultraman Ginga: A Hero's Moment

That's Day 2 for you guys! Don't forget to check out the rest of the photos at JEFusion FanPage.

This event won't be possible if not for the people behind it. Thank you Tsuburaya Productions, CrystalSky Multimedia and SM Cinema for making it all happen.

A hero's work never ends.

Edited by: Magnum

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