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Ultraman Orb - Orb Origin Form, Orb Calibur And A New Blue Fusion-Up Form

Are you ready for some Ultraman Orb news? Well here are some new Terebi Magazine scans for the month of November 2016 feat Ultraman Orb's original form and a new one too!

Introducing Ultraman Orb Origin, the original form that Gai transformed into 1000 years ago and used to defeat Mega Zetton but was deemed too powerful that it defeated the the said alien and killed the woman whom he knows in the past. 

To top that up, this formed is armed with a sword called the Orb Calibur. This sword uses the elemental powers of the Earth, fire, wind and water. Orb's final attack using this weapon is called Orb Grand Calibur!

And finally, behold Ultraman Orb's new game exclusive form, Ultraman Orb Knight Liquidator, a fusion of Ultraman Hikari and Ultraman Aguls, whom both uses energy based swords.

Source: Nihon Hero

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5 Responses
  1. dhathor Says:

    Anyone here having a hard time accepting this as Orb's original form and still wants to think Specium Zepellion is still his default one? :p

  2. Unknown Says:

    Not liking Ultras with weapons but this is so cool! (Orb Calibur)
    Agul + Hikari = Perfection!! (+5 bonus for My favorite color)

  3. Unknown Says:

    I think there is a small mistake, the article says 100 years not 1000.

  4. Unknown Says:

    Just a quick correction, its "approximately 100 years ago", not 1,000 years.
    Love that there is more information revealed about Orb's original form.

  5. just you i think, cause orb origin is cool and powerful amd it is his real default form, spacium zepeeion is weak, cant even beat maga jappa

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