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Kamen Rider EX-AID - 2nd Quarter Toy Catalog Scans Now Online

Just like that, the official scans for the 2nd quarter toy catalog of the Kamen Rider EX-Aid role play toys has finally surfaced featuring new forms, new weapons and gears and a new Gamer Rider!

First image shows us a look at (from left to right) EX-Aid Hunter Gamer Level 5, Kamen Rider Genm Zombie Gamer Level X, Double Action Gamer Level XX L and R with the Gashacon Key Breaker below him and Kamen Rider Paradox Puzzle Gamer and Fighter Gamer. 

And this is the DX Gashat Gear Dual, Kamen Rider Paradox's transformation device and is compatible with the DX Gamer Driver. Along with it is the DX Dangerous Zombie Gashat and Bugster Buckle that turns Genm into Zombie Gamer Level X and also doubles up as a weapon. The DX Bugster Buckle and Gashacon Bug Visor can be combined to form the Bugle Driver.

And here we have the soon to be released LVUR figure of Kamen Rider EX-Aid Double Mighty Action XX L and R, DX Gashat Case, DX Gekitotsu RObots Gashat and the Legend Rider Gashats from W to Drive.

And finally, Kamen Rider EX-AId Double Mighty Action XX's main weapon, the Gashacon Key Slasher and the DX Double Mighty Action Gashat.

Source: Kamen Rider

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21 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    Damn Straight! this beats the crap out of anything so far in Ex-Aid! XD

  2. dhathor Says:

    Genm now looks like Mashin Chaser. Love it!

    And why no Ghost Gasshat? Will it be announced around the time the new Movie Wars is about to premiere?

  3. Unknown Says:

    Ex-Aid Hunter : Megazord/Gekitouja
    Genm Zombie : Mashin Chaser 2.0
    Ex-Aid Double Action : KR Double 2.0
    Paradox : 2 in 1 form (cool!!)

  4. Unknown Says:

    And oyehhhh, Paradox blue form totally rocks with the devilock hair (The Misfits) Totally my favorite form in this series!!

  5. Unknown Says:

    I'm just saying every since the start of this series I've been trying to figure out what a survival horror gamer would be and now we know it's actually a form of one of the Riders already introduced

  6. Genm is starting to look like Shadow Moon.
    I'm a little disappointed that the rumors about those three rider is false, but whatever.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Looks like Ex-aid is about to become the next yugioh protagonist

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Too bad Kamen rider Lazer doesn't get a normal human mode except for power ups.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Maybe those debunked three riders will come in at another time? Maybe at the start of the year, or in a movie? One never knows.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    ...I'm a little worried about what Double Mighty Action XX will do to Emu's mind...

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Ex-Aid Hunter : Magi-Gokai-oh
    Genm Zombie : reversal of Mashin chaser's transformation to KR Chaser
    Ex-Aid Double Action : Reverse W (also a reference to Den-o's double climax action song)
    Paradox : Drive type Next/Special (he is also has the same name as the antagonist of the movie it debuted)

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Ex-Aid hunter looks like a fusion of some of the animals from kr ryuki...

  13. Anonymous Says:

    So I guess Genmu's new driver is this year's "next gen" driver?

  14. Unknown Says:

    Got em!! Tora Tora Tora

  15. Anonymous Says:

    Does this mean that Double Action Gamer Level XX L and R will be two separate riders? The L and R?

  16. Unknown Says:

    Let me tell you straight, Ex-aid is getting uglier and uglier I don't get it on this, what is Ex-aid's level 4 form while he don't get that form whereas others do. I understand that they will upgrade their forms when it reached a certain level like most of the games do. Ok, lets talk about the Double action X first.

    It’s a guy that looks like a clown from the games. Level X is just one ugly duckling in the color of a clown. Level XX is a split form into two guys. I had no idea who’s who on the show, or just Emu split himself into two, or he can change within these two forms. To add on, look at his fake solid hair, when he split up into two, half of Level XX R and half of Level XX L is bald. This looks a total gangster. Why? Why the fuck Bandai has to do this for children. It is better when the other half has some hair on it. Moreover, they failed to get the reference of Super Mario Bros, even though it is.
    Ignore the ugly design and move to the not understandable design of gashacon keyslasher. When I saw this weapon, it looks like a sword gun to me. Also, this reminds me of sunglasshasler from Ghost when you can put two rider gashats into the weapon for a medium final attack, and put with a specific form of rider gashat to do an explosive final attack. The functions seems fantastic though, but I’m still in stress whether this weapon has more than 2 forms.

    Moving right along with the Genm Zombie gamer and Paradox. I believe they are either antiheroes or villains of the series. Yes, dreams come true (for me), the Gashacon Bugvisor is now a belt, called Buglr driver. When I saw this picture, why does the buckle sold separately? There is no need to buy this if I would like to buy this. I would by the whole driver instead.
    For the gashat gear dual, it looks like a super form of Ex-aid instead of someone else, or Paradox can use two separate gashats instead of one big chunk. Overall, the design is the one that excites me out.

    Lastly, The LVUR series as well as traditional collection from legend riders are also ready for production excluding ghost, which I don’t know why? As for this LVUR, I was very disappointed when double mighty action X has split into two different products. That means, when you have to buy this guy, you have to buy 2 separate toys and paid separately. As for Genm Zombie and Paradox, I was excite for them holding in my hands, because their suit design are really cool! Ahhhhhhhhhh! *Screaming excitedly*

  17. Anonymous Says:

    ex-aid is the most horrible concept in heisei kamen rider history imo. Ugly af, lost of words to describe how pitiful this series are. Ridiculous!!!!! Dunno about the story.

  18. Anonymous Says:

    @Haw Ming Shamuraii

    Hey Haw, I respect you opinion because it shows how everyone see these designs. The designs for the Ex-aid Riders are suppose to be bright and colorful to reflect the arcade style games but also catch the attention of the Children audience because all Toku shows are for kids lol. Double Action X might not be a reference to Super Mario Bros but a reference to games that allow you to have a Assist Character like Sonic Advance 3 or fighting games that has The feature like the Naruto UNS Series. Also Level X's colors are proper for a Retro platform game and it's a good change from the traditional Neo-Heisei Rider Super form.

    All Super forms had a traditional trend of going with One color with Black or Red. Like Double's FangJoker was just Phillip in control, White and Black with a Joker redesign to match Fang (White and Black). OOOs didn't really have one unless Tajadol counts (Black and Red). Fourze had the Magnet State (Red and Silver). Wizard just redesigned his main 4 forms to have that Dragon look. Gaim's Jimba form was a recolor helmet and had a Black arms (Black and Blue). Drive had Deadheat which was suppose to represent the mix of Drive and Mach (Red and White). Ghost was Toucan Boost which was a Fire style upgrade of Ore to hense Takeru's "My life is burning bright" quote (Red and Black). Ex-Aid Double Action is a HUGE change from the by going with 2 Seperate Riders and have the colors of Orange and Turquoise. I do also have a issue with the Half Hair design but I think it's suppose to represent the Half Hair Half Bald look in the anime culture and having it a dyed colors make it more accurate.

  19. Unknown Says:

    This guy know his stuff. Bravo!

  20. Unknown Says:

    I know we will get info on Ex-Aid's ultimate form during February but I believe that Ex-Aid had some cool concepts to it with making refrences to other riders so I expect either a gold color or silver for his final form and more than likely a gun weapon since the keybreaker looks like a sword than anything and since it's called the keybreaker it feels like a kingdom heart's refrence and lastly I hope that the hunter gasshat will be Snipe's and Brave's ultimate form because the one arm thing as I noticed in the image doesn't suit them.

  21. Sunny Says:

    Is Ex-Aid new form separating him into two riders? If not, what's the difference between L and R. If is, why only one weapon. Kind of one sided.

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