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Dobutsu Sentai Zyuohger VS Ninninger The Movie - Movie Poster, Additional Cast Revealed & Red Falcon Returns!

The official movie poster for next year's Super Sentai VS Super Sentai movie, along with some additional cast has been finally revealed! Plus, Red Falcon will also make his iconic return!

"The history of Super Sentai may, at last, be at an end. A boy has arrived from the future to save the earth from catastrophe while Yamato and his team are not aware that they are part of the enemy's plans.

The Ninningers, who once protected Earth, have returned and this time, they believe that the Zyuohger are Yokai monsters! This battle will be the end of both teams. Will the message of the future boy get to Yamato in time? An unbelievable roll call that brings together all the heroes of the Super Sentai franchise! In 2017, the battle of all battles begins!"

Daisuke Shima, who portrayed the leader of the Super Beast Squadron Liveman  is back to lend his voice as Red Falcon (whom we have last seen in Hundred Beast Squadron Gaoranger VS Super Sentai)!

Portraying the role of Yoshiharu Igasaki, the future son of Takaharu/Akaninger, is Tatsuki Ishikawa who portrayed roles in Death Note and Torakage.

Haruka Fukuhara, who portayed Lady from Express Train Squadron ToQger The Movie, will also join the movie's cast.

Dobutsu Sentai Zyuohger VS Ninninger The Movie: Message from the future from Super Sentai will premiere in Japanese cinemas in January 11. 2017.

Source: Heroshock

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8 Responses
  1. Guy Says:

    IMHO, Zyuohger would've been better as a regular sentai series instead of an anniversary series. This nobody sums up why.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Super exciting!!!!! GAAAAAAAAHH!! XD

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Why...cause every 10yrs, it is an anniversary, writers try their best. Some like it, some don't. In the end, everyone has opinions. So enjoy or hate, in the end, ya still watched the show

  4. Unknown Says:

    WHAT nobody? The guy who played RedFalcon,the red of one of the most popular Sentai series Liveman? Yea he is a TOTAL nobody.

    ZyuOhger is only an anniversary series in monster designs and a few small reference outside of specials. Like GaoRanger was.

  5. Unknown Says:

    At least we'll get Kyuranger, Power Rangers Reboot Movie and Boom Studio's Justice League vs Power Rangers soon enough

  6. Anonymous Says:

    I don't know what people were expecting of Zyuohger to be in terms of anniversary, something on the lines of what Gokaiger did with having previous Rangers return would have been dubbed as lazy, especially considering Ninninger also had it's fair share of previous Ranger appearances, even if they only had Akaranger (his actor appeared in voice only), Ninja Red, Hurricane Red, Shurrikenger and MagiYellow, Jiraiya obviously doesn't count given he's a Metal Hero.

    Honestly, I think Zyuohger has the best story of recent Sentai following Gokaiger, I mean, Kyoryuger was faulted by the fact it ended up focusing of Daigo even in episodes on the others, and ToQGer, while I liked it, most people felt it was too childish, and that suit and mecha designs were terrible (then again, there's only so much one could do with trains and the better designs for train mecha in Sentai had already been used).

    And while I can see why people hate the Zyuoh Cubes, I think they're kind of cool, since it's unique for mecha (it also feels like Bandai is making fun of complaints that recent mecha are just giant plastic blocks, so why not have actual plastic blocks?).

    I can also agree that it's unfair Yamato gets all the power-ups, while I'm fine with him having Gorilla, to have all Rangers get a second form would have been seen as doing it so they can sell more toys, I would kind of change Whale to Dinosaur (a bit of a generic option, I know) so that way, all Zyuohgers could get a power-up that'd work for all of them, since people only want Sela to use Whale because of the ocean animal theme shared between them, then again, I'm saying that about a form used by a Red Ranger who also uses forms based on an eagle and a gorilla.

    So basically, an anniversary season doesn't have to focus on the anniversary to be good, Wild Force didn't focus on the fact it was the 10th season of Power Rangers apart from Forever Red, in the same way Zyouhger isn't making such a fuss about being the 40th Sentai season apart from the blu-ray special episodes focusing on it, the Gokaiger team-up episodes were a different case since they were to celebrate the 1999 and 2000th episodes of Sentai.

  7. Ono Says:

    Wow! Calling Red Falcon as 'nobody' feels like a huge insult.
    After all, it's not like he's part of the first teams that ever used animals theme (get it? Liveman-Zyuohger?), but also among the first Reds who used a bird of prey? I know technically Sun Vulcan was the first for both, but Liveman was the final series of the Shouwa era!

    As for Zyuohger not working as 'anniversary'? Well, not every anniversary needs to be like Gokaiger. Remember Boukenger? Or Gaoranger? Lest we forget Carranger or Flashman.

    IMHO Zyuohger excels in putting from important social issue like embracing differences and discrimination. Many might not understand that, but it's really the case. And it's a great thing, because it's something that the world badly needs to be reminded nowadays.

  8. Anonymous Says:


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