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Kamen Rider EX-AID Episode 12 Clips - Brawl Of The Dead

The boss has stepped up his game by going straight to level 10 and a Gamer Rider will suffer the consequences! Kamen Rider EX-Aid episode 12 clips featuring the debut of Kamen Rider Genm Zombie Gamer Level 10 are now online!

"Ho Ho Ho, kid!"

"The fighting dead"

"Game over, man!"

"Never forget..."

Special thanks to our "man from japan", Filip for updating us. Merry Christmas everyone! Enjoy the holidays!

All images and videos here are property of their respective owners and used for reference purpose only. We claim no rights to it unless otherwise stated.
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18 Responses
  1. Dammit why just why even though he was a liar he was a hero doctor. FUCK geez this is supposed to a happy Christmas episode not a sad death episode well Rest In Peace Lazer you fought as a well gamer hero

  2. Anonymous Says:

    ...well there goes my theory that the trailer was a bait and switch...

    Damnit why does this series have to be going the direction of Gaim? I HATE dark stories like this... chances are I may not be watching much more until I can see the happy ending next year...
    Freaking dang it.

  3. MightyAkshunX Says:

    muh feels!!!......RIP bikeboy

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Well great with lazer dead and double action gamers debut next week. I guess that means Heisei generations continuitys completely fucked then. Same with genesis last year. But lets just hope its good anyway compared to genesis that was a complete train wreck. [side note. Why in the fuck would you hire a writer who has never worked of not only the two season crossing over but anything Kamen rider related ever].

  5. Unknown Says:

    He'll come back... Even his death was a lie...

  6. Unknown Says:

    Shoot, man; that ain't right! Couldn't they save Laser's death for January 8th? And on that note, why they kill what I think is the coolest rider in this series? Emu and the others are going to be fighting with rage for awhile; which is never good because you don't fight in peak performance.

  7. ovidkid Says:

    This reminds me of chase's death only a little worse because he has been around as long

  8. Sunny Says:

    Gemn just increase his badassery level. I couldn't care less about Lazer dying. This form looks so good.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    He deserved it. I'm not saying this because I hate kiriya but Anyone who does the "calling someone to tell them something but Saying you'll tell them in person and to meet you somewhere instead of just saying it over the phone" deserves to die. And then when you're dying in there arms. Instead of telling them you just give emu a pep talk instead of the VALUABLE INFORMATION you have acquired. this is so easy to fix. Have kiriya get the info then call the others and tell them he's coming but is stopped by dan, the others know a fight's about to start so head to help him but by the time that get there it's already over.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    12 episodes in and already 1 dead...or is he really???hmmm...well as far as i can remember only faiz and gaim had riders die...has there been any other deaths?

  11. Anonymous Says:

    To those still wondering if he's death or not, the actor had been given a farewell bouquet. So yeah, unless it's a v-cinema thingy, Kiriya is no longer a regular.

  12. Agito has Gills died in the series
    Ryuki has many Riders dead because their "wish" has been granted but then rebooted at the end of the series.
    Blade got Garren died
    Hibiki got Zanki died
    Kabuto got Hopper Brothers and Sasword died
    Den-o got Zeronos died but cross junction (or whatever the name it is) saved him
    Kiva got his father (Otoya) died prior to his son's birth
    Decade got Tsukasa died, but revived in the movie
    W got his boss died (Skull) prior to the start of the series
    Wizard got Beast losing his power to transform and White Wizard got killed at the end of the series
    Drive got Chase died at the end of the series
    Ghost got Specter died but then revived again.

    And the list still goes on.

  13. Unknown Says:

    Game over man, game over!! Don't get fooled again by the shows ridiculous themes and designs, this is the second coming of Gaim!!

  14. Anonymous Says:

    Rider deaths have also been in agito hibiki kabuto kiva drive and if you count movies and specials (movie exclusive riders both good and evil)you can also put ryuki w and wizard

  15. Anonymous Says:

    Also ghost died in the first episode and then at least 2 more times in theseries

  16. Because happy ending is for the pxxsy. People tend to watch series with darker tone to attract adult viewers.

  17. Anonymous Says:

    Blade got Blade "died" in final episode - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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