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Uchuu Sentai Kyuuranger - Terebi Magazine March 2017 Scans

Almost less than 2 weeks left before the new Super Sentai series airs so let's all check-out this new Terebi Magazine scans featuring the Voyager Machines, Kyurenoh and the Kyuza weapons.

To counter the gigantic threat that the Jack Matter Organization sends in, the Kyuurangers summon their individual Voyager Machines that are based on animals. When the time is needed, the Voyager Machines combine to form Kyurenoh. Shishi Red's Lion Voyager Machine will form the torso while the others will take turns on which parts will combine as arms and legs.

Each Kyuuranger are armed with the Kyuza Weapons. The Kyuza Weapons (weapons of the 9 constellations) can transform into 9 different weapons that are ranger specific: sword for red, axe for black, slasher for yellow, sickle for silver, spear for orange, crossbow for gold, rapier for green, claw for blue and shot for pink. Final attacks are activated using each ranger's Kyutama.

Source: Heroshock

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