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Fumika Shimizu Retires From The Entertainment Business to What?!

22-year-old actress Fumika Shimizu(Yuki Jojima in Kamen Rider Fourze; Aiko Himeno in HK!!! Hentai Kamen.) has announced her intention to retire from the entertainment scene to commit to Happy Science, a religious and spiritual movement that's surrounded by controversy and even looked upon as a cult.

She and her three sisters were intoduced to Happy Science by her parents since childhood and been following it with the knowledge of her agency. Reports that since last month Shimizu together with two lawyers worked to prematurely cut her contract with LesPros Entertainment, declaring that she is unable to balance entertainment commitments and her beliefs.

Happy Science was founded on October 6th, 1986, and was certified as a religious organization in Japan on March 7th, 1991.
The Founder of Happy Science is Ryuho Okawa. Happy Science believers have a strong faith in the God of the Earth, El Cantare. In order to attain true happiness, also known as enlightenment, the members practice the teachings of Ryuho Okawa on a daily basis by praying, studying the teachings, self-reflecting and meditating. Above all, reciting The Dharma of the Right Mind every morning and evening, is the main pillar of this religious life. Together with friends and the Dharma friends who share the same faith, we carry out various activities to create an ideal world and to spread happiness."
-Happy Science website

It was reported Shimizu continued working as a regular on Nijiiro Jean, a variety show on Fuji TV. until February 4th when she stopped her future appearances due to poor health. Her agency LesPros unable to contact her since, her Twitter via her agency was deleted prompting Shimizu to create her personal account.

Fumika Shimizu with two starring roles in upcoming movies set for release later this year, Tokyo Ghoul and Ankoku Joshi, now her sudden and contentious request to end her career as an actress, the release of her movies are now uncertain.

Source:Arama Japan

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3 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    Whaaaat the hell? o_o'

  2. Anonymous Says:

    You know... Every time a suspicious cult in japan shows up, after a while, a masked hero shows up and decimates it because some evil monster, alien, or robot god is behind it with some Insidious plot. For Ms. Shimizu sake, I hope this won't be the case...

  3. Unknown Says:

    Well, I kinda understand. After all, it surprised me when I learned of Tom Cruise's connection to Scientology. - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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