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Uchuu Sentai Kyuuranger - Hacked Seiza Blaster Reveals Additional Kyutamas & Rangers!

Yeah, that's right, talk about being lucky! After it's initial release, toy hackers have done their specialty in unlocking all the secrets behind the newly released Henshin Controller DX Seiza Blaster which revealed 2 new rangers and future Kyutama releases! Before reading, please do be reminded that this will contain spoilers.

So let's start with the 12th and 13th Kyuurangers. They will come from the Orion and Phoenix constellations but their colors are still unknown as of this time.

As for something powerful, there will be the Super Kyuutama, Great Kyutama and the Big Bang Kyutama. Could all of these be another Red Ranger exclusive or team power-up Kyutamas?

And then there are the special and movie releases like the Chi Kyutama, Zyuohger Kyutama, EX-Aid Kyutama and the Super Sentai Kyutama while there are also Kyutamas which the Jark Matter might obtain in the series and these are the Dark Kyutama and Black Hole Kyutama.

And lastly, here are the rest of the auxiliary Kyutamas: Pegasus, Karasu (Corvus), Ite (Sagittarius), Kojishi (Leo Minor), Ryoken (Canes Venitaci), Futago (Gemini), Andromeda, Ohitsuji (Aries), Ushikai (Bootes), Pump (Antlia), Bouenkyou (Telescope), Tokage (Lacerta), Perseus, Kani (Cancer), Kanmuri (Corona Australis), Kujira (Cetus), Tate (Scutum), Mizugame (Aquarius), Tokei (Horlogium), Centaurus, Kirin (Camelopardalis), Ikkajuku (Monoceros), Uo (Pisces), Otome (Virgo), Yagi (Capricornus), Cassiopeia, Kujaku (Pavo), Kenbikyou (Microscope), Kaminoke (Coma Berenices), Hebi (Serpens), Rashinban (Pyxis), Tobiuo (Volans), Herakles, Argo.

With all that's been revealed, this is gonna be a good time for Super Sentai franchise to get back on top after Kamen Rider toys have been making waves recently.

Source: Heroshock

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10 Responses
  1. Only auxiliaries? No Quasar Qtama? Mannn. But I really like this series's toys. Best one since Gokaiger's Ranger Keys.

  2. ovidkid Says:

    My guess the colors for the other rangers are going to be white for Orion and crimson for Phoenix

  3. Unknown Says:

    theirs spaceship is orion, so make sanse have a orion ranger. The first time i thougth it'd be a mecha, didn't spect a ranger as well. For the color of the ship, probally the ranger will be gray.

  4. Ono Says:

    Although I suspected there will be 12 members, it still makes sense to have 13. After all, the zodiacs is actually consisted of 13 constellations. I'm curious to know how these new members will be explained, considering the first episode made it clear that there are Nine Saviors, hence Kyurangers.

    Those wondering if every 88 modern constellation is represented in the auxiliaries Kyutama, then the answer's no. Argo Navis isn't actually part of the list, but it is representing a group of three other constellations. The same treatment might work similarly for Hercules and Orion.

    As for the color, I dig OvidKid's idea of a Phoenix Crimson, and Orion White. But expect to be surprised, considering the fact we also have a Bear that uses Sky Blue. Which doesn't sound like a good fit. Perhaps, one of them will be taking on... BRONZE (a shiny shade of Brown)? or MAGENTA?

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Fingers crossed for Orion Gray. I'm not sure how many share my opinion, but I loved Kyoryu Gray. I would love to have a new gray ranger. Given the color of the ship, hes probably either white or gray.
    My first guess for Phoenix would have been pink, but Eagle is already pink. Crimson, perhaps? Maybe a new color entirely?
    I'm hoping to see Kyuranger use every color in Sentai thus far, and maybe even add a new one.

  6. That makes sense and would be cool since we haven't had a crimson ranger since time fire

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Kabuto Raiger was after Time Fire, and Time Fire wasn't even crimson; He was just a second red. Kabuto Raiger is the only crimson unless you count Dark Buster

  8. No time fire was a crimson ranger, but I did forget kabuki raiger. So I'm not wrong in one regard, but I am in another. Thank you for pointing that out though.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    No dark buster is Burgundy, not crimson. Timefire is more dark red which is basically crimson, but yeah he forgot about kabuto who is more or less crimson

  10. Yoshalucky Says:

    i like how orion which is one of the closer constellations to us is a ranger. also does anyone have an idea what constellation the earth belongs too in the show theyve not really delved into where the earth is in relations to each constellation system. - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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