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Ultra Fight Orb - Story & New Fusion-Up Forms Revealed!

A scanned image from the latest Ultraman Orb toy catalog has surfaced revealing the official story and 2 new Fusion-Up forms for the upcoming Ultra Fight Orb mini-series!

Here's the story that was included in the toy catalog:

"A new, ghost-like Reionyx warrior called Reibatos appears before Ultraman Orb. To counter this new treat from a race of monster controllers, Orb obtains 2 new Fusion-Up forms, the Lightning Attacker and the Emerium Slugger. But will this new forms be enough to counter the new enemy"

As for his new forms, Orb will finally use 2 of his game exclusive forms, the Lightning Attacker (Ultraman X and Ultraman Ginga) and Emerium Slugger (Ultraseven and Ultraman Zero). And our prayers have been answered by Ultraman Noah!

Source: Nihon Hero

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