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Kamen Rider Amazons Season 2 Episode 4 Title & Summary & More News

Chihiro and Iyu got off to a bad start in the last episode? Well check-out the fourth episode's title and summary if the 2 will finally click together on their next get-together. Plus, more news re the returning cast from this exciting second season!

Episode 4 "Qou Vadis?" (4/28/17)
Director: Yasuko Kobayashi
Director: Ryuta Tasaki

"Chihiro and Iyu are now part of the Amazon execution team. Chihiro, wanting Iyu to act and live like a normal human being despite her Amazon nature, runs away with her in the free world without the permission of the 4C heads.

He takes Iyu to the city so he can make good memories for her and this journey will also reveal the reason for them becoming the children of the Amazon.

Meanwhile, Shido and the other members of the Nozama Preston Service takes a survey on the water server which was the cause the current Amazon case where they will meet a former member: Mamoru, the Mole Amazon!"

Next month, we will also witness the evolution of Mamoru which he acquired during his 5 year exile with the Amazon race. Also, Nozomi Takai and Kazuya Misaki will be back in the series along with the story of what happened to Jin Takayama/Kamen Rider Amazon Alpha after the 5 year exile will also be revealed!

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