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Live Action Teiichi no Kuni Premier and Cast Apperance Goseiger's Yudai Chiba Kamen Rider W's Masaki Suda

Tokyo International Forum Hall A, April 11 2017 set the stage for the premier showing of Teiichi no Kuni Live Action Film. In attendance are the starring cast Masaki Suda as Teiichi, AkabaShūhei Nomura as Kikuma - Tōdō Teiichi's underhanded classmate and childhood friend, Ryōma Takeuchi as Dan Ōtaka - Teiichi's naturally charismatic classmate, Shōtarō Mamiya as Roland Himuro - the student favored to be the next student council president, Kotaro Yoshida as Jōsuke Akaba - Teiichi's father, and an alumnus at Teiichi's Kaitei High School, Mei Nagano as Mimiko Shiratori - Teiichi's secret friend, Jun Shison as Teiichi's right-hand man - the uncommonly handsome Kōmei Sakakibara and Yudai Chiba as Okuto Morizono - a member of the shogi club.

The movie is scheduled to begin screening in Japanese theaters April 29, 2017.

Plot Summary: High school student Teiichi Akaba gets into an elite private boys' school in Shōwa-era Japan. Not shy to get his hands dirty, Teiichi is determined to join the school's student council by maintaining his facade of perfection while possibly engaging in underhanded tactics. His school only churns out the best of the best, and establishing himself in the council could be the first step in paving the way for a future political career. In his way is a new, idealistic instructor Reiko Kurosaka who wants to overthrow the school's corrupt political traditions and push a poor, but otherwise intelligent and respected student into the council instead.


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