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Uchuu Sentai Kyuranger Episode 13 Title & Summary

Excited for this weekend's episode of Uchuu Sentai Kyuranger feat. the rival tag-team of Stinger & Champ? Well, read the summary for the 13 episode of Kyuranger and find out what's in-store!

Space 13 "Stinger's challenge toward his brother" (5/7/17)
Director - Teruaki Sugehara
Screenplay - Mouri Nobuhiro
Action Director - Hirofumi Fukuzawa
SFX Director - Hiroshi Butsuda

"After taking back the Tomo Kyutama from Ikagen, the Kyurangers decided to search the Ho and Ryukotsu Kyutama but the Rashinban Kyutama needs to be recharged so they set their priorities in freeing the people that was held by the Jark Matter Organization.

The team heads back to earth only to be surprised by people, even some of the enemies, acting like mindless zombies with Hamy turning into one, Stinger realizes that they have all been poisoned and Scorpio, his elder brother, is responsible. Stinger quickly detoxifies all of them along with Hamy.

Will Stinger fight his brother? And will Champ find out the truth about Prof. Anton's death and finally get his revenge?

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