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Ultraman Geed - Monster Defense Team & New Forms For Geed & Belial

With just a month before the newest Ultra series premieres, a bunch of new licensing images has surfaced giving us the names of Geed and Belial's upcoming new forms plus the new of the monster attack defense team that the series will have.

Before we identify the name of Geed and Belial's new forms, here's what we will be calling the new team: AIB. No complete information has been given out for AIB's acronym so stay tuned as we gather more translated information.

As for the father and son's new forms, Ultraman Geed will get the Royal Mega Master Form while Ultraman Belial's new form will be the Atrocious Form (whoa, Red Lantern?). For now, let's wait for the newest magazine scans before all of these are confirmed.

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4 Responses
  1. IXA930627 Says:

    Red Lantern's name is Atrocitus. LoL kinda have the same vibe, maybe his overall looks are colored red??

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Wait sooooooooooooooo
    7 have a son
    Belial have a son
    So are trying to do a light vs dark or the old fashion rivalry or anything that have like a "naruto" effect or maybe a little star war
    I wish the best of luck butttttt I'm definitely skeptical now

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Might be it father and son conflict more like tekken

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