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Hasei Takano Starts HE-LOW Movie Crowdfunding

Fan favorite Hasei Takano, famous for his roles in various tokusatsu TV shows (Hiroya Fujimiya/Ultraman Agul from Ultraman Gaia and Miyuki Tezuka/Kamen Rider Raia in Kamen Rider Ryuuki) and movies (Hayato Ichimonji/Kamen Rider Nigo in Kamen Rider the First) has started the crowdfunding for the tokusatsu movie that he is directing.

The said movie is entitled HE-LOW, written by Yuji Kobayashi (Uchuu Keiji Gavan The Movie) which is about the tokusatsu industry and how our favorite shows are made. This was announced via Takano's twitter account and the crowdfunding was started with Campfire with goals like DVD releases, an invitation to the screening and a chance to appear in the movie.

The target amount for the movie is about a million yen and the movie is now fully funded since the announcement in June 6 and will continue till July 13th.

And on that Campfire page, Takano left this statement to inspire would be helpers of this great vision:

"The relationship between hero and enemies is made up of a power balance. What would the world be like after the enemy won? From that question, I thought about making this movie.

In this era, CG has also evolved. Opportunities to practice time-consuming explosion scenes are gone.Through this work, I hope to convey the charm of the origins of tokusatsu.

Tokusatsu fans think they know, but tokusatsu production costs are more compared to ordinary dramas.

It is a low budget, borrowing the power of the cast and staff. I would like to make it in the form of a voluntary movie. Please lend me your power!"

The movie will also have special appearances by Takara Aoyagi (Jagulas Juggler of Ultraman Orb), Takeshi Yoshioka (Gamu Takayama/Ultraman Gaia of Ultraman Gaia) and Takamasa Suga (Shinji Kido/Kamen Rider Ryuuki).

Source: Daisuki Toku

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