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Kamen Rider Build - 1st Quarter Toy Catalog Listing

Time for some 1st quarter toy catalog revelation from the upcoming new Kamen Rider series, Kamen Rider Build, that will replace EX-AID after his series ends.

As mentioned months ago, the transformations belt will be called World Driver and each of the 3 main riders namely Build, Pain and Spike will use use this. Their base form is called Junk Custom whilst the second form will be the Speed Custom.

This year's gimmick that the belt will utilize comes in the form of a bottle called Material Bottles, which has 2 categories, animal and item. 3 Material bottles will be included in the DX World Driver set and they are Wars/clean, Lock/Cloud and Usagi/Oven.

Each Rider hero will have 2 weapons and they are the Junkle Saber and Junkle Magnum. The word Junkle is a pun for the words junk and jungle. The Junkle Saber will include the Gorilla Material Bottle while the Junkle Magnum will include the Piranha Material Bottle

Thus, the waiting game for the 1st image of the Kamen Rider Build toy catalog has begun so lets all let's take a small amount of salt for this and wait for it. And yeah, credits goes to the artist who made that fan rendition of Kamen Rider Build's helmet.

Source: Heroshock

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17 Responses
  1. He has lips?! lol this is different. It seems that KR is taking an element from Super sentai.

  2. Kamen Rider? Or... Metal Hero????

  3. If you wanna be technical, Kamen Rider Yongo had a sculpted human mouth as part of his helmet.

  4. "Their base form is called Junk Custom whilst the second form will be the Speed Custom".

    Does this maybe mean that Build, Pain and Spike will have two forms a-la Ex-Aid where one is bulky and weird-looking and the other is the proper one?
    Please don't make it be like that again for the love of God...T_T

  5. Unknown Says:

    Does the belt come with those 3 Material bottles or just builds?

  6. if you want to get super technical riderman has an actual mouth

  7. Unknown Says:

    How much is the belt

  8. Kamen rider yongou did have lips but his bug eyes stand out. Build has bug eyes but it's almost the equivalent to like a a sentai mecha like Victory robo when its eyes lights up or more like from metal hero Janperson. Which is ironic because ex-aid lvl one forms are a reference to the chibi forms of robotack and kabutack which are also part of metal hero.

  9. marty Says:

    I say it before and I will say it again Toei and Bandai need to make Kamen Rider return to its roots as cyborg and bug themed but this looks like Kamen Rider 4 from the movie special.

    It could be worse when they remove the mouthpiece making him rider man, not Kamen Rider.

    And you what else I think this is not Kamen Rider anymore this is what Bandai and Toei wanted a revived Metal Heroes series but with Kamen Rider name.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    It kind of reminds me of an old school sentai robot, but maybe thats what they were going for

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Shocker Rider Yongou

  12. Anonymous Says:

    This going to be anything like that Ghost 'toy listings' where Ghost's form changes took place behind a changing curtain, the Rider was clothing themed and his weapon was a coathanger bow?

  13. Kamen Rider Olympus Says:

    To be fair, i liked the suit skeech

  14. Unknown Says:

    Umm, I'm confused. It says that the image is a fan rendition... so is that really what he looks like? It seems like everyone is focused on the mouth so I don't know if it's real or not.

  15. NK98 Says:

    I think it's suppose to be like Gaim and Ghost; junk custom being the default form and speed custom being the armor.

  16. I'm somewhat surprised with the vast imagination of the people who first spread this rumor about kamen rider build. - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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