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Kamen Rider Build - Catalog Cover Unveils Full Body Shot For Kamen Rider Build

With all the excitement that is Kamen Rider Build, the cover for the official toy catalog for the next Kamen Rider series after EX-AID ends has finally surfaced giving us a clear look on everything that we want to know!

Featured in the visual is our first full body look at Kamen Rider Build RabbitTank Form (default form for Build), GorillaMond Form, NinninComic Form, HawkGattling Form, the Build Driver, the main transformation device for the heroes in this series and this year's gimmick, the Full Bottles.

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25 Responses
  1. George Says:

    So its basically W's gimmick. I like the suit, leagues above ex-aid at least

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Well don't the Kamen Rider W reboot look amazing

  3. bigtimmyt Says:

    Double is back!!!!!! YESSSSSSSS!!!!!!

  4. This looks like another version of W. Not just the idea of having half colours but the sleekness of it too. He has that classic look kamen rider looks which I'm glad there gone back to.

    He actually looks pretty good but he's far from unique. I just wish they did something to make him a bit more different from W so he can stand on his own. His forms seem so weird because it's like a combination between military gadgets and animals; which is also similar to w when right side element and left side is weaponry.

    It seems like for the last couple years, KR has been recycling ideas from other series. For exampple, Gaim and ghost having a plat form right before their armored comes on to their body and makes the form, this is similar to deno. Ex-aid having a bulky armoured form before the cast off of his body and have a sleeker rider form; that's clearly Kabuto. Now we have this..

    Regardless, I'm excited hope the other riders are good.

  5. Kamen Rider Olympus Says:

    Amazing visual!!!

  6. GaimTheBest Says:

    Finally a Kamen Rider that, indeed, remember and looks like a true Kamen Rider. I'm really excited to watch this new Kamen Rider.

  7. Ehmar Says:

    I freakin love it!

  8. The Hawk Gatling looks like Tajador from OOO

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Wow!, realy cool design, never thought the left antenae would be rabbit ears
    and i can see each eyes have different color now
    but, yeah. i can see the similiarity with Kamen rider W. but it's diagonal now
    but still, cool design.

    i hope it will have a cool main character like shotaro or tendou

  10. Anonymous Says:

    i think this is a fusion between W, drive and para-dx lvl 99. If only Shotaro make a cameo and cmt how they are look alike. (notice the eyes-very similar to drive or may be zero drive)

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Build is my kind of Rider
    ( i can't Believe how quick Everybody turned on Ex-Aid when Build was revealed!)

  12. Anonymous Says:

    i'm looking forward to the toy.. * i'm glad he's not have mouth

  13. I actually like this rider! ALOT!But I do hope that they would do like a series or mini series at least with a new rider from the showa series. With a rider that's having captured by "Shocker" and physically altered by them. That would be something great to watch!

  14. Unknown Says:

    If we all think about it , maybe we gonna get a rider mix after all ,in a movie or a series spin-off. while build is a combination of animal and non-living object , maybe we gonna get Kiva ( bat ) mix Den-o ( train ) hurmmm seems legit...

  15. Anonymous Says:

    Wait, isn't this our "10" Rider?

    Decade had one Decade Card
    W had two Gaia Memories
    OOO had three O-Medals
    Fourze had four Astro Switches
    Wizard Rings went on a hand (five fingers)
    Gaim had Lockseeds, which somewhat resemble a six, as well as the lock/roku pun
    Drive's Shift Cars in Shift Mode looked kinda like a seven
    Two Ghost Eyecons stacked look like an 8, as well as his Infinity Damashii
    Ex-Aid's Gashats loosely resemble a 9.

    Where is the 10 or 0 in this?

  16. Sunny Says:

    Loving the design and the forms more. But again the belt let me down again.

  17. Anonymous Says:

    Loving it, but the Driver gimmick kinda just reminds me of Ex-Aid with the two Gashats

  18. Anonymous Says:

    I was expecting him to look more junk-like, and not W 2.0 - but hey, at least it's a kamen rider, and not manga eyes.

    Way ahead, but I really hope his "max" form is a combination of all of his build parts - and not, a shiny form with stickers of his parts.

  19. Red and blue fang joker

  20. Unknown Says:

    Build also means start from scratch, in other words : Zero. :)

  21. Unknown Says:

    The word "Build" could mean start from scratch, AKA start from Zero. :)

  22. Unknown Says:

    I think 10 on the Driver right side. Mini white line goes down beside the big O shape .

  23. Anonymous Says:

    It's nowhere because the counting gag died when wizard started and everything after is people looking for shit that isn't there.

  24. afif Says:

    Notice how the colours of each part of the body are opposite/crossed (X)?
    Right face blue, left body blue.
    Left face red, right body red.
    Right body red, left leg red.

    I think that's where the 10 is?
    As in cross, X (ten).

  25. Anonymous Says:

    Oh not this again!

    The 'number gag' has not been a thing since Fourze! The only shows to have this was Double, OOO and Foruze! Because the number gag was not JUST the gimick (and seriously, what you listed is looking for a NUMBER) but it was the number REPEATING in the series.

    Double: his name is double, twice. He is the the two in one Rider. Two Gaia Memories to transform. The episode titles have two titles: an arc name and it's indavidual episode name.

    OOO: his name is three O's. Three meddles to transform. Three word episode titles. Three 'main character's with Eiji, Anhk and Hina. Heck, it was in the shows theme song!

    Fourze: four astro switches. The episode titles where spelt with four kanji. Fourze's name is a pourtmonto of 4 and 0. It was Kamen Rider's 40th year anniversary series.

    It was the REPATITION of the number in the series that was the counting theme. However they could not continue it with 5 or more, as it was too much. Toei themselves have stated the counting has not been a thing since Wizard. It has been dead for years.

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