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S.H. Figuarts Gavan and Saibarian Box Set Review


Good Day! GbatZ here and I will be featuring my very first figure review in one of my collections. Today we will review my latest acquisition. S.H. Figuarts Space Sheriff Gavan and Saibarian box set.

As we can see at the front, the box has the design of the figure along with the logos and more.

Inside package along with the figure and accessories

Gavan's Accessories along with the 3 modes of Laser Blade: (from left: Slash effect, Light-up mode, and Normal mode)

Gavan's set of hands and alternate head. Hands Include: Fist hands (in the figure), wider grip hands (for the sword), flat straight hand (for Laser Blade pose), 2 point finger hand (for Gavan's greeting and Z-Laser pose), tighter grip hands (for holding the handle bars of Saibarian), and relaxed hands

Front figure: The armor still has the chrome plating and the details show the accuracy of Gavan's armor in his respective show and the movie.


Gavan's arms can stretch out in a wide range but the legs cannot draw the splits that much.
Ankles are do not pivot very far to the sides.

Torso articulation is great. It has an extension to compensate the crouching poses but leaves a large gap in the back.

Normal head. But the light up eyes is still visible behind the visor.

Light up alternate head

Laser Blade Normal Mode

Laser Blade: Light up mode

Gavan Dynamic!!!

The slash effect mode sits well in the grip hands and in the arms. It is not heavy and does not hinder the grip of the figure.

Gavan riding the Saibarian. Proceed with caution for simply the handles may break. It would be recommended to use the relaxed hands instead of ANY of the grip hands to be sure.

Saibarian Turbo Mode: the chassis can be slid to split the Saibarian from normal mode to turbo mode.

A Stage Act can be plugged in the hole at the left corner. The red covering can be removed.

Saibarian Rocket...

Gavan can stand well and balanced over the Saibarian. Also he can be displayed with a Stage Act for more stability.

Overall: A solid figure. The figure still has flaws and has some limits. This version of Gavan has a better proportion than the first release. Has a lot of details doing justice to the actual suit.

A highly recommended figure for any Tokusatsu fan and enthusiast. Hope you enjoy this review, and keep collecting. :)

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