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Uchuu Sentai Kyuranger - Hebitsukai Metal & Kyutamajin First Live Look

So what's new for the ultimate saviors coming this August? Bad news is Naga's gonna turn evil and good news is that an all new super formation for the Voyager Machines will be born!

First up is Hebitsukai Metal! Naga will be captured and brainwashed by a vice shogun named Akyanba, gives him a black version of the Seiza Blaster and a dark Kyutama which will make him transform into Hebitsukai Metal! Will the team be able to bring him back?

And comes the awesome part as next month, the 12th savior's Voyager Machines will finally unite as one and it will be called Kyutamajin! This super formation, with a command called "super come on the docking", will consist of Shishi Voyager, Phoenix Voyager, Phoenix Base and the 12 Kyutama Cockpits.

Kyutama Jin can unleash an attack called Kyutamajin Meteor Star and it's finishing attack is called Kyutamajin Ultimate Break!

Translations by Filip
Source: Heroshock

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10 Responses
  1. Not as cool as the main one of Shou's but still cool. Major points for not being a mess of machines.

  2. by the end of the series, the robot will be balls on top of balls on top of balls.

    A whole meshed of BALLS!!!! Love it LoL

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I was expecting a regular power up for Naga, not an evil form. Still a nice idea.

  4. Kyutamajin is just like ToQ Rainbow; they take parts of the all the mechs and just slap it onto the mecha.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I like the design of kyutamajin but I do prefer when all the mechs can be combined not just the gimmicks. But the cockpits appear to be the power source so it's logical. I am happy there's a point to the voyager base as that was bugging me since seeing the mech form.

    One last thing I wonder: is this the last mech or like ninninger will there be a new mech that won't be a "ultrazord" but more like another auxiliary mech? Like instead of kyuteioh it would be kyujin?

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Slightly disappointed with Kyutamajin because it barely utilizes any voyagers, just Hou-oh, Shishi, and all the Kyutama, leaving the inactive carcasses of 10 other Voyagers. I'm having flashbacks of ToQ Rainbow and even Gigant Kyoryuzin because it left out so many of the Zyudenryu, while Bragigas was reduced to shoes and a backpack. I was kinda hoping for an awesome combo that uses all the mecha. Wild Tousai Dodeka King was close, but underwhelming

  7. Anonymous Says:

    There is another one. Shishi red orion personal mech

  8. Unknown Says:

    Agreed. Honestly, given the trend we're seeing, they're trying to go in an opposite direction from Ultimate Daibouken, EngineOh G12, and Samurai Haoh, but they end up with just as much of a clusterfuck and overall not that good looking of an Ultrazord despite using even less pieces...which is the problem itself. It uses too little of the base components, leaving you with a mess of leftover parts and unusable Megazord parts. It's nowhere near as bad as ToQ Rainbow, but not that much better.
    Agreed, it's more like Gigant Kyoryuzin, though SLIIIIIGHTLY better in that only one whole other Megazord body is unused.
    As messy as they were, UDB, G12, Haoh, and even Great Go-Buster/Go-Buster King are still much, MUCH better engineered, since at least they use ALL pieces of their components. Ultimate DaiBouken is still the gold standard in terms of that, though.

  9. Unknown Says:

    Actually the kyurangers will get the ultra zord (orion battler) and using it as a vessel to combine all mechas... and kyuranger will get additional mecha named kojishi viyager which turn out to be Leo Minor representation

  10. Unknown Says:

    Just wait till the last mecha descends... its name is oriin battler and based in what i had seen the oriin battler can combine all the mechas into one which turn out to be kyurangers' ultrazord

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