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Kamen Rider Build - More Untold Highlights For The Series Revealed

Just a few more days before we start enjoying the new Kamen Rider Build TV series, some untold and important highlights for the series has surfaced giving us more interesting information.

And here they are folks:
  • Hokuto will focus on social welfare while Seito will focus on economic recovery (might be due to the splitting disaster).
  • All of the three countries Touto, Seito and Hokuto are after the Pandora Box.
  • The Pandora Box is said to hold a powerful energy that could change everything. It might end up as the source for Build's ultimate form powers or possibly power-up the SMASH monsters.
  • Misora has her own Full Bottle called the Sky Full Bottle which can absorb the elements from a SMASH monster and Misora can purify that element.
  • Misora is a NEET (not in education, employment or training) while Shouichi's coffee all taste bad.

Source: Nihon Hero  

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