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Super Sentai Series Review: Mirai Sentai Timeranger

"Go over time and space!" "If you can't change the future then try to change tomorrow!" It's time for a review on Mirai Sentai Timeranger. Right now, TV-Nihon has completed subbing it though expect Shout! Factory to license it soon.


Timeranger's story takes place between a thousand years apart. The year 2000 is the new millennium (the year it takes place also) while the Timerangers are from the year 3000. Alien life is now intermingling with Earth in this space age. Time travel technology was perfected but it's possible to also commit crimes against time. Don Dolnero and his gang escape from the future and try to establish their empire in the past. The Timerangers recruit Tatsuya to be their red ranger to form the five-man team they need to defeat the Londarz gang.

The heroes

The Timerangers are pretty much an atypical group of heroes. Four heroes are from the future namely Yuuri, Domon, Shion and Ayase. They got sent into the past where they are stuck with Londarz. Tatsuya is from the 20th century where he tries to fight his fate as an Asami heir. This forms a bond between people a thousand years apart. Yuuri exists as a bitchy character who's very cold. Domon is a dumb muscle who chases after girls so he got a ban on the ring for life. Shion is the last of the Hubbardians so he's pretty naive. Ayase is a cool guy who is suffering from the deadly Osiris disease where even his time has no cure for it. They form the Tomorrow Research to get their funds. 

What would be interesting (or not) for some is the arrival of the anti-hero Naoto Takizawa. He could be considered as a prototype to Hojo Toru in Kamen Rider Agito and another version of Gai Yuki from Jetman minus the womanizing. He's a douche towards everyone while seeking to grab power since he grew up in poverty. He's also rivals with Tatsuya. While Tatsuya wants to befriend him he chooses to remain cold. He doesn't officially join the team though he ends up teaming up with them whenever he feels convenient. I think he should arrived a little earlier since arriving at episodes 28-30 to introduce him sort of dragged the story.

The recurring villains

The Londerz family is a group of alien criminals from the future. Don Dolnero may be a very dangerous criminal considering that he's sentenced to 1000 years in cryogenic compression. He set up the whole incident where he, Gien and Lira go into the present with the whole Londerz prison. They de-compress various criminals to run various criminal schemes they feel convenient. Some of them are silly while others involve swindling, bombing, extortion and even the use of dangerous drugs. 

The are quite atypical considering that they weren't that much after world domination. Don Dolnero may represent your everyday crime boss who's public enemy number one. His real motive is to earn the most money he could since he's addicted to it. Gien himself was once human but he slowly grows insane which shows Don Dolnero's human side. Lira is the femme fatale who wears her disguises. They deviate from the traditional villains working silly schemes as they focus more on typical criminal activities from the Rescue Police Series while having an alien criminal do the job.

Final words

This show contains a lot of atypical elements and the daring to create something that dark and edgy. It was also in the year 2000 when Kamen Rider Kuuga revived the Kamen Rider franchise in a whole new direction. Both shows were darker and edgier. Next year's Kamen Rider Agito would also be darker and edgier. Some may say this is her Magnum Opus in Super Sentai though others may think it's Gingaman or Shinkenger which are also both fan favorites. 

It also contains some really serious twists and turns which may or may not be welcome. Such a surprise twist might also involve that Captain Ryuuya himself did some questionable stuff that led to the series' events. It also contains some confusing rules on time travel which may be best left to the viewers' imagination. The series' dark turn with very few funny moments may or may not be the most welcome thing. Some people end up preferring Power Rangers Time Force for being less serious and more enjoyable while some consider Timeranger to be too depressing and serious. But somehow the level of seriousness is something I ended up enjoying in this show.  

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2 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    Now that's one hell of a show. Great season with nice characters.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Way better then Time Force. - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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