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Top 10 Best-looking Rider Suits in Ex-Aid

In this article, I'd like to share my top 10 favorite rider suits in Ex-Aid, based on their aesthetics or looks alone. These will not come in a particular order. I also will not include Level 1 forms, as they mostly look similar, save for their faces.
1. Taddle Legacy

Taddle Legacy is personally my favorite upgrade, given that Brave is also my personal favorite rider. Representing a white knight or a paladin, it is also symbolic of Hiiro's quest for redemption for the guilt he feels over the loss of Saki.

2. Taddle Fantasy

The "dark knight" counterpart to Taddle Legacy's "white knight", it's an interesting evolution for Hiiro. A hero falling into darkness, but eventually coming back into the light. Definitely a perfect, epic match.

3. Perfect Knockout

 Honestly, my appreciation for this suit came in a little late. But I enjoy the color mix in this one.

4. Drago Knight Hunter Z Full Dragon (Ex-Aid, Brave)

For this one, I actually would like to put them together. Full Dragon looks nice on Ex-Aid, But Brave rocks it a bit more. I just think that Drago "Knight" matches Brave the most because, you know, he looks like a knight.

5. Mighty Bros. XX-R

The right side of Mighty Bros. XX, the orange suit appeals to me more than the left side, or the regular Mighty Action X, for that matter. also, this is the side that typically wields the Gashacon Key Slasher.

6. Dangerous Zombie

The most powerful form attained by the self-proclaimed "GOD", the white armor on the black bodysuit makes him look like a skeleton. The corrupted patterns on the suit show the "infection", and the helmet and body armor give off a "mad scientist" feel.

7. Girigiri Chanbara

Kiriya's first taste of a humanoid form, a samurai armor mixed with a mtorcyle-based armor, the black and yellow color combination works perfectly. Personally, I like the helmet here better than Lazer's default head used by the Level 5 and Level 0 suits.

8. Knockout Fighter

One of Para-DX's interchangeable forms, I prefer this one over Perfect Puzzle, heck, even Perfect Knockout! It primarily sports the color red, which by the way is my favorite color, plus I love the nice fiery hair!

9. Genm Wizard

The only Legend Rider Gamer to be included in this list, Wizard's slick black armor and robe matches Genm perfectly. Add in an elegant fighting style, and enjoy the showtime!

10. Hyper Muteki

Last but not the least, the most powerful form ever attained by any rider in the entire franchise so far, the almost purely golden suit and armor could definitely afford you a nice mansion! Jokes aside, the star-shaped designs give it a heroic look, and the feel of a sparkling game character in an invincible status. Plus, those goldy-locks aren't just for show! They can grip enemies and throw them off like extra appendages or limbs.

Honorable Mentions:

Taddle Quest
Kamen Rider Poppy
Ex-Aid Shakariki Sports
Mighty Action X
Lazer Turbo Proto Jet

So whose suits did you enjoy the most? Tell us in the comments section.

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5 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    My favorites:

    1 - Taddle Legacy/Taddle Fantasy (Great refference to Cecil Harvey, BTW).
    2 - Mighty Action X (Gemn version)
    3 - Dangerous Zombie
    4 - Bakusou Bike Turbo
    5 - Maximum Mighty X
    6 - Bang Bang Shooting
    7 - Cronus (Looks like Yugande = Instant like)
    8 - Perfect Puzzle
    9 - Giri Giri Chambara
    10 - Gekitotsu Robots

  2. Enzan Says:

    Why I do not see "galaxian quest gamer"it is a really good looking suit!

  3. FYI on what the form names are actually called, as all you did was refer to them by their gashat:

    Kamen Rider Brave, Legacy Gamer Level 100
    Kamen Rider Brave, Fantasy Gamer Level 50
    Kamen Rider Para-DX, Perfect Knock Out Gamer Level 99
    Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, Hunter Action Gamer Level 5 Full Dragon
    Kamen Rider Brave, Hunter Quest Gamer Level 5 Full Dragon
    Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, Double Action Gamer Level XX R
    Kamen Rider Genmu, Zombie Gamer Level X
    Kamen Rider Lazer, Chambara Bike Gamer Level 3
    Kamen Rider Para-DX, Fighter Gamer Level 50
    Kamen Rider Genmu, Wizard Gamer Level 2
    Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, Muteki Gamer
    Kamen Rider Brave, Quest Gamer Level 2
    Kamen Rider Poppy, Toki Meki Crisis Gamer Level X
    Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, Sports Action Gamer Level 3
    Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, Action Gamer Level 2
    Kamen Rider Lazer Turbo, Proto Combat Bike Gamer Level 0

    This kind of attention to detail is courtesy of Radio Sentai Castranger. <3

  4. @Enzan
    Galaxian felt too plain for me. It just looked like they put extra chest armor and nothing else.

    Thank you for the details. - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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