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Uchuu Sentai Kyuranger Space 26 Episode Title & Summary

The Jark Matter Organization grabs hold of Naga Ray, brainwashes and turn into their new warrior, Hebitsukai Metal! Read all about it after the break!

Space 25 "The dark warrior, Hebitsukai Metal" 8/20/17

Written by Takayuki Shibasaki
Directed by Nobuhiro Mouri

"The ultimate saviors finally takes a break after obtaining the Tokei (time) Kyutama and decided to have a BBQ party on earth. Meanwhile, Naga thinks that he had grown after becoming a Kyuranger. Does this mean that he had obtained feelings?

Suddenly, one of the vice shoguns who is a female, Acanber (who has the ability to acquire the feelings of her victims) appears before Naga and helps him in releasing his feelings that is sleeping inside of him thus turning him into Hebitsukai Meta! Can his comrades bring him back?"

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