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Uchuu Sentai Kyuranger - Terebi-Kun September 2017 Scans

So what's new this month for the ultimate saviors? Check-out this month's scans from the September 2017 issue of  Terebi-Kun!

Here's a recap of the recent episode featuring more information about the Phoenix Soldier: Thanks to the power of the Phoenix Kyutama, Tsurugi was granted eternal life. 

He fought against the Jark Matter Organization alongside his comrades Orion/Ohlion, Cuerbeau (his partner from the crow installation) and the 88 saviors until he sacrificed his immortality to defeat Don Armage.

When all is lose, the ultimate saviors will finally go for their newest super formation: Kyutamajin! The 12th savior's Voyager Machines will finally unite as one and it will be called Kyutamajin! This super formation, with a command called "super come on the docking", will consist of Shishi Voyager, Phoenix Voyager, Phoenix Base and the 12 Kyutama Cockpits.

Kyutama Jin can unleash an attack called Kyutamajin Meteor Star and it's finishing attack is called Kyutamajin Ultimate Break!

And lastly, Naga will be kidnapped and brainwashed by one of the newest Jark Matter vice shoguns and will be given the Dark Seiza Blaster which will transform him into Hebitsukai Metal!

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3 Responses
  1. Mark Anthony Says:

    It's like when we got Dark Mercury! Whoot!

  2. Unknown Says:

    So I take it we will be hearing about Ooguma Skyblue in October.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    So far, Kyuranger has been an average season, with characters in desperate need of development. Let's see:

    Lucky - The spotlight hogger has changed a bit. He reduced the ammount of yosha lucky and has become a bit quieter and level headed. If he stops hogging the spotlight, I'll start liking him.

    Stinger - Our orange edgelord has changed from a cold son of a bitch to an adorkable Sasuke ranger. It is actually nice to see him getting closer to his teammates. I just feel that his storyline with Scorpio ended a bit too soon.

    Garu - He started nicely, with focus on losing his tribe and being someone who could snap Lucky out of his stupidity. Too bad that he has become Lucky's dog. I wish we could see more of his development.

    Balance - One of the funniest characters in the show. Too bad that his usefulness has been reduced. His episode with Garu (with Shishi Red Sun and Moon) was cool, showing off a new fighting style.

    Champ - I don't like him. Next.

    Naga - My favorite character in the show. Too bad he has not been given attention by the plot. I hope he develops more with his brainwashing.

    Hammy - She shows up, looks cute, laughs and that's it. I was expecting much more from her.

    Raptor - I hate her. With all of my hate.

    Spada - A good character, who shows compassion and responsibility. I really liked his interactions with Shou and when he disrespected orders and went to feed the people in need was a nice way to show his relation with his job as a chef. I hope we can see more of him.

    Shou - He is not the next Dekamaster. At first, I saw him as a goofy yet badass leader. Now, he's been dropping the badass part. And that's sad.

    Kotaro - I hate him even more than I hate Raptor.

    Tsurugi - It's too soon to pass judgement of his character. His fight scenes are really cool. - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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