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Ultraman Geed - New Magazine Scans Feat. Ultraman Geed Magnificent

Can't get enough of Ultraman Geed? Weel, here are the latest Terebi-Kun magazine scans featuring his fourth Fusion Rise form, Ultraman Geed Magnificent as translated by our very own Filip!

Riku can achieve this armored form for Geed by fusing the Ultra Capsule powers of Ultraman Zero and Ultra Father. The dual sluggers will act as his horns.

Ultraman Geed Magnificent's attack include Mega Slice Cross, Mega Electric Horn, Areizing Geed Barrier and his finisher in this form is an L shaped beam called Big Buster Wave.

Of course, Ultraman Zero will not be left behind as he will use his newly acquired form, Ultraman Zero Beyond, in this weekend's episode! 

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