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Power Rangers Ninja Steel Episode 12 Clip - Ninja Fusion Megazord Debut

Here's the latest action clip from the 12th episode of Power Rangers Ninja Steel courtesy of Neo Saban power Rangers which features the debut of the Ninja Fusion Megazord.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    People talk a lot about the problems with the neo saban era of PR: the short and oddly spaced seasons, the "super" seasons, not enough original footage, bad acting, copying sentai storylines or when they go original being absurd (Dino charge ending).

    All true.

    But the thing that bugs me is the absolutely horrible editing throughout. The fight scenes are always feeling rushed especially the megazord scenes (I swear I thought this clip was at double speed). the horrible sound effects - be it megazord transformation scenes making laser sounds instead of sounds of metal coming together, or the same sound effects over and over for different attacks robbing them of individuality - I mean if you have the sentai footage why dub over the sound effects? Then of course there's the music. It's either public domain musical cues or REPEATEDLY USING THE WRONG SEASONS THEME. Having it happened once I can imagine. But it happens all the time. This season alone they've used the samurai and Dino charge instrucmental themes. It's distracting. I just don't get how the editing department could keep making that mistake or how the producers keep allowing the mistakes to happen.

    Until I realize they don't care. The big difference between Sendai and PR - this era of PR at least - is that Sendai cares to get the show right as consistently as possible. It may be a huge toy commercial and kyuuranger seems even more so than usual with 12 rangers, 3 mechs and 4 red ranger power ups - but at least the tv show still tries to make an entertaining and well produced show despite the need to move all this merch.

    pR doesn't care to. It's about getting all the toys out in front of kids asap and give them a bit of a story around it. But despite years ahead to prepare the show will always feel slapdash. - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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