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Uchuu Sentai Kyuranger - Champ's Evil Prototype, Vice Shoguns Revived & Hoshi Minato!

The Kyurangers might have stepped to the next level this month but that doesn't mean that the Jark Matter Organization will not take action! Check-out what will happen this month in the pages of newest issue of terebi-kun!

This October, the vice shoguns who fell from previous battles will be revived by Don Almage! And to top that, Hoshi Minato is revealed to be siding with the Jark Matter! Plus the Kyurangers will acquire a new Kyutama: the Eridanus Kyutama. Using this orb can identify the identity of the fake Don Almage!

To end this, Champ's (who is still in the past along with the commander) evil prototype called Cow Type Universal Destruction Robot Type Zero will appear! Champ was supposed to be a Robot that will be working with the Jark Matter Organization but his creator, Prof. Anton, did not allowed that to happen. Besides that, Yagyuujubee, a masked wrestling robot who looks similar to Champ will also appear to battle this heartless robot!

Source: Heroshock

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