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Ultraman Geed - Ultraman Belial To Appear On Earth?

Still wondering if or when the master of disaster, the most evil and powerful evil Ultraman will touchdown on earth and cause serious trouble for his son, Geed? Well, check-out this news that was taken in an interview with the god of toku legs, Kocihi Sakamoto! Might contain some spoilers so be cautious.

As told by Sakamoto himself during an interview, episode 16 and 17 will have a big twist in the second arc of the series (maybe after acquiring the Geed Magnificent form) and will be the main event of the more important episodes as it will highlight Riku's character growth and will also depict his connection with his father, Belial, in which he had recently discovered that he (Riku) was one of Kei Fukuide's experimental user for the Geed Riser and then focus for his master's plan.

Ultraman Belial could appear on earth in episode 16 or 17 but it's not sure if he will transform into his ultimate form, Ultraman Belial Atrocious.

And for those who haven't got into Ultraman Geed yet, I highly and humbly recommend this Ultraman series.

Source: Nihon Hero

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