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DX King Sword Official Images

Time for some new Ultraman Geed toy news as Bandai brings you the official images for the DX King Sword, the transformation item that RIku will use to become Ultraman Geed Royal Mega Master!

The DX King Sword comes complete with the DX Ultraman King Ultra Capsule has two different modes of use which is the staff (transformation mode) and sword mode. It is also compatible with all the previously released and incoming Ultra Capsules. Release date is this October 28 and will cost 4,860 yen.

And that's not all, Bandai has also started a campaign that will give you a DX Ultra 6 Brothers Ultra Capsule when you buy either the DX Geed Riser, DX Ultra Zero Eye Neo or the DX King Sword this October 28th.

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  1. are you sure this is what he uses to become geed magnificent? are you sure it isn't what he uses to become geed royal megamaster?

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