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Kamen Rider Build - 2nd Quarter Toy Catalog Scans

Build Up! Time for some Kamen Rider Build 2nd quarter toy catalog scans featuring new Best Matches and gears for our heroes plus more information on the evil Riders from the villain side with scans translated by our "Man from Japan" Filip!

First image
- hazard trigger - attaches onto the build driver - gives sento access to rabbit tank hazard form - phoenix robo form (phoenix and robot full bottles) - ooo and fourze bottles

Second image
-scrash/scrush(?)driver - using scrash/scrush jelly, the user transforms into 2 kinds of riders: kamen rider cross charge and kamen rider grease (?) - likely made for ryuga - uses dragon scrush jelly or robot scrush jelly to transform

Third image
- twin breaker - has an attack mode (pilebunker), and a beam mode (beam gun mode) - for kamen rider cross charge/grease - can use 2 full bottles - can also attach cross dragon

Fourth image
- crocodile crack full bottle - kamen rider rogue - possible upgrade for night rogue - used together with scrush driver - nebula steam gun

Fifth image
- forms obtained in hokuto: smartphone wolf, unilaser (unicorn laser), gold scorpion, turtle watch
- forms obtained in seito: tora ufo (tiger ufo), kujira jet (whale jet), shikamid (deer pyramid), kirin cyclone (giraffe electric fan), penguin skater

Final image
- new bcr series figures - rabbit tank sparkling - cross charge, grease, rogue - new Legend Rider vinyl figures: Kamen Rider EX-AID & Fourze

All images and videos here are property of their respective owners and used for reference purpose only. We claim no rights to it unless otherwise stated.
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11 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    Why does this feel rushed?

    Probably the spelling and grammar... still, interesting. And I hope this isn't a hint that Ryuga may (temporarily) work with Faust...

  2. Anonymous Says:

    LoL rrealy?? That belt looks like a toilet flusher. So after crank gimmick they are going for flush now? Not to mention the obvious Amazons Driver Neo vibe

  3. Okay, normally, I would have been excited but this is too much. Sento has atleast 7 best match forms (excluding the trials) and he still got more to come. It seems that he's gonna have two upgrades of Rabit tank as well (rabitTank sparkling and Rabit tank Hazard). This guys has about close to twenty forms.

    The other riders looks good; kamen rider cross charge and grease. However my gripe with it is that is it gonna be an upgrade for Ryuga seeing that he may be claws? If so does that mean Grease and Charge are actually two riders in one? Or is gonna be like mach and chaser or the riders from Ex-aid where they're their own riders with same belts but different items (full bottles)

    Rogue looks good and more bad ass that his other form and his weapon looks cool but what about Blood stark? Is he not gonna get a form? In a nuthell this looks great but I am..very...very cautious about this becaue the amount of form the main rider is getting along with different rider debuting could affect the show plot, drama and feel stifle going foward, (just look at ghost). Who knows, maybe this show will pull it off.

  4. Anonymous Says:


  5. that is a lot of full bottles (maybe they're making one for each SMASH in the series) but man this is going to be a lot of collectibles considering they're releasing legend full bottles too though I have a feeling some of these will be in the movies or youtube specials either way I don't think all of them will appear in the show

  6. Huh, I didn't know the Cross Driver looks like a toilet flusher...

  7. Anonymous Says:

    I believe it is a compressor. The handle looks like a wrench tightening a bolt, so it tights the bottle to transform, or gel in this case.

  8. IXA Says:

    Next thing you know, they're gonna link the series to Amazons series. Seriously? Whats with the Amazons Driver lookalike?

  9. Unknown Says:

    I feel like that's misleading. Wouldn't it be "Claws Charge" not Cross? I don't think it's a separate rider, but an upgrade... though I don't know, with the whole two riders thing with Grease(?)

  10. Anonymous Says:

    That black suit is awesome like avengers wearing their secret war costumes.and the series is turning to a rider war like series(example ryuki) because there will be a villain rider

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Eeeehhh... That henshin device is crushed at the center of the driver???
    What an unique idea

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