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Lupinranger VS Patranger - Pat Kaizer & Lupin Kaizer First Look

And we got a newsflash for everybody to read! Thanks to instagram user @dunsworkshop, we finally got our eyes on the complete look on the DX Pat Kaizer and DX Lupin Kaizer and boy they look neatly designed.

As seen from the images from above, the Trigger Machines are all based on automotive designs while the Dial Fighters are all based on aerial based vehicles (perfect get-away machines for the thieves) is similar to the Enjins from Go-onger where they are kept small until needed in action and will grow into giant sized vehicles.

Also seen here are is the Good Striker which can be used by both teams in which the Dial Fighters and Trigger Machines will combine with and can also combine with the VS Changer. Thank goodness for vehicle based sentai mechas!

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