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Ultraman Geed - Televi Magazine January 2018 Scans

Here are the newest Ultraman Geed movie scans from the latest issue of Televi Magazine featuring more action packed photos and information from the upcoming summer movie!

First up is Ultraman Geed Ultimate Final, the newest Fusion Rise form of Riku. In this form, he is armed with the Giga Finalizer which also doubles as his newest transformation device. Also in this movie, a new Kaiju will make it's debut and it's name is Gukuru Shiisa, a monster based on Shiisa, a legendary dog/lion beast who is a legendary guardian of deity of Okinawa.

Ultraman Geed Ultimate Final's newest weapon, which will be given to him by Airu has 2 powerful beam attacks: the Giga Thrust and Riser Beam.

Ultraman Geed, along with Ultraman Orb, Jagulas Juggler and Ultraman Zero who returns to fuse with Reito once again will battle a new threat called the Galactron MKII. And that's not all, Ultraman Zero will bring along his comrades, the Ultimate Force Zero, with Ultraman Taro and the warriors from the land of light to join this battle of gigantic proportions!

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