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Kamen Rider Build - 4th Quarter Toy Catalog Scans Unveiled

Thanks to these photo's from Fujiya Hobby's facebook page, we now have an advance look at the upcoming Kamen Rider Build 4th quarter toy catalog featuring a new Rider and new forms for Kamen Rider Cross-Z, Night Rouge and Build's ultimate form!

And it looks like the image from last year's post regarding Build's ultimate form is finally confirmed to be legit! This form is called Kamen Rider Build Genius Form and Sento will use the Genius Full Bottle to achieve this form and he has the power to unleash the power of all 60 Full Bottles at once.

And here we have a recolored version of the Build Driver called the Evol Driver which is going to be used by the new Rider called Kamen Rider Evol, to transform by using the Cobra and Build Evol Bottles. He can also change forms using the Rabbit and Dragon Evol Bottles.

Introducing the Evol Trigger, an upgraded version of the Hazard Trigger which Kamen Rider Evol uses to power-up into Kamen Rider Evol Black Hole

Ryuga Banjo will finally return in using his Build Driver and achieve a new form! By using the Magma Knuckle, Ryuga can access the Cross-Z Magma form and his fighting powers will increase at a high level! 

Finally, Night Rouge will also get his own new form by using the Evol Driver along with the Bat and Engine Full Bottles to transform into Kamen Rider Mad Rouge!

All images and videos here are property of their respective owners and used for reference purpose only. We claim no rights to it unless otherwise stated.
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14 Responses
  1. Unknown Says:

    This is still the 3rd quarter the 4th quarter is usually movie stuff

  2. Sunny Says:

    Damn it. Evol looks good.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    So, we're stuck with the ugly looking final form for Build.....

  4. I guess it's pretty obvious that Blood Stark will be Evol and Grease is not likely to survive looking at the lack of any upgrade for him so far.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    OMG Look Is Batman!!!
    Nah just kidding is joke ��!

  6. Anonymous Says:

    I...think Evol uses Cells, not FullBottles.
    He does look similar to the Kaisers, after all.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Rogue... Kamen Rider ROGUE. It's not that hard. LUL

  8. Anonymous Says:

    "Why do the bad guys always get the good stuff?"
    - Kowalski

  9. Anonymous Says:

    For those who say build's final form is ugly i will just say it is for a children show not for an adult children can enjoy colorful things just watch another show if u hate it or just be silent about it.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    So Banjou mugs Grease for his old transformation device after they beat him?

  11. Asshole Says:

    I hope that's the case, Medski Skalski. The guy's been a real slimy, scheming scumbag the whole series. Working towards making Sento, and Banjo stronger for some unknown reason. Harvesting them when they're at their peak would make sense. I also figure Grease might not make it out either. He either gets taken out by Stark, Crocodile, or sacrifices himself. Betting more towards Stark when he finds out they're just being used to further his ends (likely after he loses another comrade, this time to Stark).

    Still not a fan of Build's final form. Too much going on with it, and not in a good way. The eyes especially are what turn me off. Really wish they just kept the usual motif, and added bottles around it, instead of looking like he had some kind of weird mutation, or the bottles are just BURSTING out of his face.

    Really like the look of Evol, though. Reminds me of 555, especially Psyga, Black Hole has something of a Faiz/Orga look to him as well. Night Rogue goes full Kiva x Kuga (or any pre-Decade rider, really) for his upgrade. Nice to see he'll still be around for a while longer. Does it mean he won't be Crocodile, though? Kind of liked the idea of him defecting... Oh well. Looks like things are going to keep getting interesting for Build!

  12. Anonymous Says:

    What the hell Banjou!!! You get another badass toy.. God, it's been a while (well, Brave Lv 100 was interesting too) the secondary rider got badass power up..

    Really love this Evol guy, since i wonder his normal form is strong enough to beat, he still get his own hazard will make he going to be badass enemy, and i bet the user is the cafe owner (he gathered all riders battle datas and make the Evol bottle)

    Glad, Gentoku have his own rider form, i assuming he will be the purple croc guy..but he get his own rider you can do your revenge dude!

    Build make my dreams come true, good story, good chara, good design

  13. Unknown Says:

    Geez, im thinking of cosplaying grease (civilian form). It seems every rider I cosplay dies (1. Miscellaneous Magic land rider from kamen rider wizard, 2. Otoya 3. Kiriya) so far my track record is 3 for 3.

  14. Unknown Says:

    Kazumiin is not gonna die anytime soon. I heard he's even getting a new form

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