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Kamen Rider Build Episode 24 Title & Summary

Now that Kamen Rider Rogue's identity has been revealed, will the man who was banished by his own father and country be stopped from getting his revenge? Read all about the summary and title for the 24th episode of Kamen Rider Build!

Episode 24 "The man called Rogue!" 2/25/18

"Kamen Rider Rogue's true identity is Gentoku Himuro, the Touto's former Prime Minister and was once known as Night Rogue! After he was banished from Touto, he relied on Nanba Heavy Industries and became a Rider fighting for Seito and claims that he has experienced hell. 

On the other hand, Sento's problems have gotten worse. Every time it looks like one war has ended, another one suddenly begins. It's an incredible sense of irony that none of them can seem to ever escape from. Suddently, something strange starts to happen to Misora's body which capture's Sento's attention..."

Episode summary by SpecialForm12

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