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Lupinranger VS Patranger Episode 3 Preview

Here's the preview for the 3rd episode of Kaito Sentai Lupinrager VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger featuring the debut of the Patranger's main mecha, the Pat Kaizer! And yeah, Lupin Red uses the Good Striker's doppelganger function for the first time!

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4 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    Honestly, 2 episodes in and I'm already a bit bored with it. Granted, some seasons I give 5 or so episodes to pick up speed but I'm just not engaged like I was with Kyuranger after a few episodes. Hasn't been a good start for me.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    @anon, I feel the quite the opposite, the first two episodes already have me hooked with whats going on and what will happen in the future. The steadier pace via cutting out the first episode mech fight and ending theme helped give me a better grasp of the characters personalities. Kyuranger in contrast, was too fast paced for its own good, shoving in more characters one episode after another while immediately solving their hang ups within an episode or two. It also didn't help that the early episodes shoved in the most obnoxious red in Sentai in nearly every episode. For me, Kyuranger ended giving off way too many warning signs in the beginning, and ended up of what I personally see as a massive disappointment.

  3. It's your opinion but I don't see how kyuranger is more captivating as a show. It's abrupt, fast paced and all over the place. This show (for now) seems to be well paced and ensure to not go crazy with the mecha debut.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I personally like both series. Every sentai has had things that I like and don't like. I guess because I'm more so a pr fan I look at sentai almost like a director/editor would to see how it would work for Power Rangers. So the Red focus doesn't bother me as much as long as other characters get arcs. Kyuranger is a season that plays somewhat like MMPR with it's focus episodes, not to the extent of MMPR, but it's there for a few of the kyuranger members. I hope they save kyuranger for the 30th PR anniversary. I was hoping theyd use gobusters zord footage with another team, and make the gobusters a neo-alien ranger team to expand the pr universe. Lupin vs Pat could work for the hexagon idea they had for ninja storm. Power Rangers was at it's best during the Zordon Era and and they should create a new continuous Era of PR. Sentai should also try a 5-10 year continuation instead of the annual switch. Kyuranger suffered from not having a second season, not giving more focus episodes, no official 2nd or 3rd team Mech for each member, no team blaster, no team power up, not being a canon sentai in the sentai universe. Patlupin isn't far enough in for me to have an opinion on it but I will say timeranger/gokaiger vs dekaranger if the hexagon idea isn't used for it. Sentai biggest problem started with shinkenger and its mostly thanks to collectors. The disc of shinkenger, the cards of goseiger, the keys of gokaiger, the ressha of toqger, the shurriken of ninninger, the cubes of zyohger, and the kyutama globes of kyuranger. Hurricanger had power disc but they were more like the power coins. Gaoranger had the orbs but they were for the mecha. Sentai keeps trying to do new things in the same way. Kyuranger-Too much focus on red, then we got a second red who was also a 6th/extra so more red focus. PatLupin - Now we got two reds starting off so they never have a reason to not focus on red, fingers crossed we don't get a third. Timeranger was one of the first to have two reds and it was cool cause timefire was cooler than the whole team. Magiranger made sense having two reds cause of the family driven story.
    Shinkenger gave us out first official female red. Ninninger have us 3 reds. Toqger gave us 5 to 7 reds (idk if Orange and purple could color switch)because of the switch ability and personally think toqger was one of the lamest Sentai to exist. Back to PatLupin I have high hopes for it. - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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