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Super Sentai Series Review: Ucchu Sentai Kyuranger

Ucchu Sentai Kyuranger has come to an end, hasn't it? It's time to do a review of the series. It's time to do another guest review after some time, isn't it? 


Kyuranger happens in what looks like a distant future -- presumably the year 2317. The legend of the nine saviors of the Universe is born and they will be known as the Kyurangers. But when nine isn't enough -- more warriors join into the fray to defeat the Jark Matter. But unlike most Super Sentai series -- the villains have already taken over the Universe. The heroes must recover the Universe from the dictatorship of the Jark Matter's Space Shogunate. Much mysteries happen especially when they fight the evil that loomed 300 years ago.

The heroes

The default nine-team are from different planets seeking to liberate the Universe from Jark Matter. Lucky starts off as a hapless space adventurer who becomes the red ranger. Hammy is a ninja from the Chameleon system. Stinger is a humanoid with a scorpion tail. Naga is from a planet where emotions nearly don't exist. Balance is Naga's best friend and he's an android. Champ is a bull robot. Spada is aiming to be the best chef in the Universe. Raptor is a female humanoid robot who deviates from the standard pink ranger. Garu is a wolf humanoid who has lost his tribes.

Additional heroes are added namely Kotaro who becomes the first child ranger in many years -- the last one being Riki from Ohranger way back in 1995. Shou Ronpou their somewhat lax commander later becomes the purple ranger. They are joined by the warrior of 300 years ago namely Tsurugi Ootori who seeks to stop Don Armage once and for all. As the show progresses -- the heroes discover various mysteries that could help them destroy Don Armage once and for all.

So how does the show deal with nine rangers? A selection system similar to Etoranger is done. Commander Shou Ronpou spins the Kyulette which selects five warriors that will go for the mission of the day. Their mission is to save certain planets (and certain areas of Earth) from the captivity of Jark Matter. They must also find Kyu Globes in their quest to go into Jark Matter's home base so they can liberate the Universe.

The villains

Jark Matter exists as the villains who have already conquered the Universe before the series started. Their leader Don Armage has ruled the Universe for 300 years. The villains are built by various story arcs that manage to end and a new one begins when a certain general dies. It's similar to how the generals of Goranger and Gingaman ultimately succeed each other. They are taking over planets and they are absorbing Planesium as part of their modus operandi. The Kyurangers must defeat the Malistrates (magistrates) and Menasters (Ministers) from certain planets in order to liberate them.

The Space Shogunate can be viewed to have several popular culture references. Don Armage can be viewed as the show's version of Emperor Palpatine. He may also remind some of some past Toku villains like Black Cross Fuehrer. The whole empire uses fear and terror to rule over the Universe like the Galactic Empire in Star Wars. 

Final words

Although the show still appears to have the standard elements such as heroes in spandex, giant robots and villains but there's some major overhaul. As mentioned earlier, the villains have already taken over the Universe and the heroes must take it back. They also have nine rangers instead of the standard three to five heroes -- which adds a challenge on how to add layers to everyone. There's the current problem of becoming Lucky-centric. Fortunately, writers managed to spin it around a little better though you can't deny it's still somewhat red-centric.

The return of the space theme after 32 years (if you count Changeman) or 31 years (if you use Flashman) was pretty good. After all, 2017 is the celebration of Star Wars: A New Hope's anniversary. It's probably on purpose that Super Sentai was going back into space is to honor the popular Star Wars film. Plus, there's a lot of new school special effects which might be considered a waste if they don't do a space-themed Super Sentai. The use of the new CGI works like a charm which worked well with the list of merchandise for the show.

It's the start of modern space Super Sentai. Hopefully, there may be more ways to work through Kyuranger's formula for future installments. This may be the big leap that may bring Super Sentai to new ideas. 

What do you think of this series? 

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4 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    Kyuranger started as a show with lots of potential, but ended up being a total mess.

    We have a very swollen group, with many characters who add nothing to the plot or do not help advancing their teammates. The worst in this topic are Garu (who had his storyline solved in the FIRST episode) and his importance ended up being Lucky's pet; Stinger, who also had his main plotline solved too soon and gone from a cool fighter to a total jobber; Raptor, who is useless as a character who does nothing besides being Tsurugi's helper and add fanservice due to her VA. THere's also the questionable use of a kid as a ranger, a concept that many may remember how bizarre it was in Dairanger and Ohranger. It doesn't help that the kid is a terrible actor.

    There were some elements I liked in the show. The suits were really good (pink being the exception with those wings), the aestethics were well done and there were some really nice characters, such as Naga, the best of the show bar none, who had a plotline that perpassed the whole show and helped further his character and others. Also, his actor was really good, making us laugh and be emotional. Another character I liked was Tsurugi, who went on to become the main protagonist, as he assumed the role of a leader and someone who could drive the plot firmly. The theme song was also pretty cool and catchy. I really like it.

    To sum it up, I could call Kyuranger wasted potential. THere were many nice ideas that ended up being wasted due to too many characters and inconsistent writing and planning. I hope Lupinranger vs random cops does better than this.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    here my opinion on each kyuranger from 1st place to last (12th place)
    1.champ-my absolute favourite
    2.hammy-another awesome character. glad we were given out 1st female green considering heroines in green are very rare.
    3.raptor-283-another great female and that fact she's played by the same person as gokaiyellow makes it better
    4.kotaro-having another cyan ranger is welcome in my book.
    5.shou ronpou-this makes him a great purple ranger and a great ranger of the "I'm your mentor, but I'm also a ranger" arc type.
    6.tsurugi ootori-really good that we got a phoenix ranger and that there hadn't been one since magiranger.
    7.naga-an okay ranger. but it makes him the 2nd snake ranger after goseiblack.
    8.balance-mediorce. that's all I can say.
    9.garu-he always has that sad face on him. I get that he lost his tribes but he's always in a frown.
    10.spada-i think he's a lame yellow ranger. maybe lupinyellow will be better than him
    11.stinger-ouch! he stinged me! that was rude! in his debut, he was a jerk to champ. to make matters worse, they tag teamed. I think champ should had tag teamed with hammy.
    12.lucky-my absolute least favorite! he's not what I expected. he's hyper and loud which is what I think no red ranger should be. although this season was somewhat red-centric. he shouldn't have been like this.
    that how I felt of each kyuranger.

  3. Unknown Says:

    Despite the red-centered elements, childish dialogue, the half-ass treatment toward half of the members (I still demand my Hame to get her own V-Cinema!) and all, something about this show just made me wants more. Maybe I have been watching too many matured contents lately.....

  4. Anonymous Says:

    @1st anon, just because Garu was dog like, doesn't mean they literally had to make him Lucky's dog. Its frustrating how he got fuck all development. - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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