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Kamen Rider 2018 Rumors - The First Fusion Rider?

A trio of scanned images which contains some huge amount of concept art for a Kamen Rider that has fusion gimmick has surfaced. Could this be legit or is this another one of those April fool's joke that will leave a bad taste in our mouth?

And instead of the usual 2 heroes fusing together that Tsuburaya has been abusing lately, this Rider uses 3! As seen from the images, the main raider can combine the power of the 3 main beetle Riders mainly Stronger, Blade and Kabuto!

Plus we can see some new forms for the recent Riders like Kamen Rider W Cyclone, Kamen Rider OOO Mukachiri combo, Kamen Rider Fource Launcher States and Kamen Rider Zangetsu Jimba Arms!

Just remember that in less than 2 hours, it's gonna be the very first day of April 2018 and we all know what that means and the fact that the name for the next Kamen Rider series is not yet registered so for now, let's enjoy this one.

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13 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    Gonna guess and say it's fake, especially given what date some of us are near (April 1st), I mean, for one, we generally see rumored designs AFTER the trademark has been filed.

    Not to mention, it just seems quite overkill for a Rider to use three previous Riders for a form where they could easily be like Orb and Geed and just have it be two Riders for a form with their main form being a fusion of Ichigo and Kuuga.

    Though speaking of, I doubt Toei is going to copy Tsuburaya/the recent Ultra series by using the fusion gimmick, if it was for the 50th anniversary of Kamen Rider, it'd make more sense, but even then, we're a few years away from being there.

  2. ...I hope this is legit, would make a good way to usher in the new era.
    I just hope it’s not to be a constant thing like what Ultraman is doing...

  3. I don’t trust the Fourze Launcher thing, though. What’s next, Fourze Drill (if that exists then whoops) and Fourze Radar???

  4. TheJaz49 Says:

    A lot of the art here is very convincing, but the lack of any corresponding trademark from Toei, along with the date makes me pretty sure this is fake. If not it's a pretty interesting idea though... Personally I'd prefer the next series to do more of it's own thing though, honestly I'd be interested in seeing the next series have suits like the recently announced movie rider "Kamen Rider Terra", who has, just a fantastic looking suit.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    If it is a fake, it's a pretty good looking fake. It'll be the twentieth series of the revival, and it would make sense for the rider to be an 'evolved' decade, fusing the powers of past riders. Just are those things with the riders symbols suppose to be? What are the trios forms grouped together? I really hope it's real.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Onere decad-! Wait you're not decade but uh!! OMG it's can been You new 20th Kamen Rider is is is.....

  7. Anonymous Says:

    my do i get a kamen rider decade feel from those images

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Some say that it will be kamen rider gakuen that teacher will be a kamen riders and and the student will get the power of their sensei to use

  9. Stefano Says:

    Honestly (my 2 cents) the "fusion concept" is the death of creativity.

    Sometimes, the design of the suitys are relly cool (ala. Ultraman ORB) but but generally, theese series are always trivial. A continual reference to the past. Total boredom.

  10. marty Says:

    It probably is an april fools joke because there is no anniversary season relating to it :(

  11. Anonymous Says:

    From Kamen Rider Winger to this kind of fake new shit.... common get your facts straight.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Fourze Launcher State is from the Fourze novel. Same with Zangetsu Jimba

  13. Anonymous Says:

    The return of kamen rider decade, maybe???? - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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