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Kamen Rider Build Episode 25 Title & Summary

Kamen Rider Rogue kicks Build's butt in Hazard form, the Pandora's Box is now in the possession of the enemy and Misora is possessed by an unknown force! What could happen this Sunday? Find-out after the break!

Episode 25 "Idol Awakening" 3/4/18

"Kamen Riders Build, Cross-Z, and Grease are no match against Kamen Rider Rogue! Just then, Misora appears on the battlefield, which changes the atmosphere of the fight! 

Misora's eyes glow green as she extends her hand with her bangle towards Rogue! Sento witnesses something incredible that begins the search behind the origins of Misora's bangle. Something truly unbelievable is going on here..."

Summary by SpecialForm12

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