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Introducing Ultraman Rosso & Ultraman Blu!

Looks like this year's Ultraman series will be powered by the bond of siblings! Check-out the 1st quarter toy catalog for 29th Ultra series entitled Ultraman R/B featuring the main heroes Rosso and Blu plus Ultraman Orb Dark!

The siblings will transform into their gigantic form using the transformation device called the Rube Gyro. Their base forms are called Flame (Rosso) and Aqua (Blu). Rosso uses the power of Ultraman Taro while Blu uses the power of Ultraman Ginga which are stored in the R/B Crystals which utilizes elemental powers.

The siblings are with the R/B Slugger, which is similar to Ultraman Zero's Twin Slugger Sword. This weapon can be powered-up by the R/B Crystals which will give different types of attacks! 

When not in use, The R/B Crystal can be stored into the R/B Crystal Holder and can hold up to 4 crystals.

If that isn't enough, the R/B Collection Case can hold up to 11 crystals!

Lastly, there's Ultraman Orb Dark, the main villain in the upcoming series. He transforms using the Orb Ring Neo in which he combines with the R/B Rube Gyro and the Gurujibon R/B Crystal. It is unknown if this one is a dark version of Gai or a different person.

The siblings can also use the Orb Ring Neo to summon Ultraman Orb Origin and perform the Triple Origium Ray finisher!

Ultraman R/B will start airing on July 7, 2018.

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4 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    Ore ga omae de! Omae wa ore de! we are ultra, ultra brothers R/B!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Well the transformation device is loooked a little bulky I think..

  3. Anonymous Says:


  4. Too be honest, it's getting kind of boring that the new ultraman series only revolves around combining every past ultramen's power, coming up with these kinds of combinations that are somehow predictable. It would be better if tsuburaya come up with a fresh new ultra series distancing itself away grom the rest, while still keeping the continuity intact

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