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Gogo V Cast Reunited After almost 20 Years!

Masashi Taniguchi, who played Nagare Tatsumi/GoBlue posted a photo on his Twitter with his Gogo V castmates.

Ryuuichiro Nishioka, Atsushi Harada, Kenji Shibata, and Kayoko Shibata have gathered once more for an interview for the TV show Bakuhou Friday (爆報フライデー), whose episode aired on June 29, 2018.

The segment focused on Kenji Shibata (Daimon Tatsumi/GoYellow), who apparently suffering from a brain tumor. Kenji Shibata himself stated on the show that he actually started suffering from symptoms near the end of filming Gogo V.

The rest of the Gogo V members visit their youngest brother to cheer him up in these challenging times.

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