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Jurina Matsui Bags 1st Place at the 2018 AKB48 General Elections

On June 16,  2018, AKB48 and all its sister groups held their annual General Elections at Nagoya Dome, where Jurina Matsui of SKE48 took the crown as the new center of the entire group.

Fans from Japan and even abroad cast their votes to select the top 16 members who will participate in the group's upcoming 53rd single coming this summer.

Teacher Teacher, AKB48's 52nd Single
Voting was done by entering a serial number found on the voting ticket included in the 52nd single Teacher Teacher (shown above). Jurina garnered 194,453 votes, which landed her at 1st place.

The top 16 members are as follows:

"Senbatsu" Members
1. Jurina Matsui (SKE48) - 194,453 votes
2. Akari Suda (SKE48) - 154,011 votes
3. Sakura Miyawaki (HKT48) - 141,106 votes
4. Yuka Ogino (NGT48) - 81,629 votes
5. Nana Okada (AKB48) - 75,067 votes
6. Yui Yokoyama (AKB48) - 67,465 votes
7. Tomu Muto (AKB48) - 62,611 votes
8. Mina Oba (SKE48) - 53,998 votes
9. Nako Yabuki (HKT48) - 51,620 votes
10. Miku Tanaka (HKT48) - 50,157 votes
11. Sarina Souda (SKE48) - 48,671 votes
12. Juri Takahashi (AKB48) - 48,100 votes
13. Mion Mukaichi (AKB48) - 47,485 votes
14. Akari Yoshida (NMB48) - 46,837 votes
15. Nao Furuhata (SKE48) - 45,688 votes
16. Hinata Honma (NGT48) - 39,241 votes

While the top 16 members will be most prominently featured, the other girls ranked from 17 to 100 will also participate as well. The other ranked groups are as follows:

Under Girls - Rank 17-32
Next Girls - Rank 33-48
Future Girls - Rank 49-64
Upcoming Girls - Rank 65-80
World Senbatsu Commemorative Frame - Rank 81-100

- This is Jurina Matsui's first election victory.
- This is the first time the event was held in Nagoya.
-  This year, the ranking has been expanded to 100, from the previous 80.
- The top 'Senbatsu' members up to Upcoming girls comprise of 16 members while the World Senbatsu Commemorative Frame has 20 members, to accommodate up to 100th place.
- This is also the first time sister groups outside Japan were allowed to participate, with candidates from BNK48 (Bangkok) and TPE48 (Taipei) joining.
- Cherprang Areekul and Praewa Suthampong of BNK48 are the first international members to rank placing at 39th and 72nd, respectively.
- JKT48 however chose not to participate, as they were in the period of Ramadan.

For the complete list of candidates who have ranked, check out the full list on their official website here:

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