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My Top 10 Super Sentai Mecha

With the return of the Top 10s, I'm sharing my favorite mecha from the Super Sentai Series!

For this Super Sentai Mecha list, I'll be focusing only on the primary formations featured in their respective shows. No special attachments/upgrades, nor special combinations.

As with all my Top 10s, this will be based on pure personal opinion, so if you want to share your own favorites, tell us in the comments.

1. Dairenoh

The Dairenoh's design alone is awesome. The Chinese-inspired designs are clearly reflected, resembling a general. I also love the fact that it can also configure into the Heavenly Chi Palace formation.

2. Dekaranger Robo

As the show that brought me back into the fandom, one of the reasons I loved Dekaranger was the Dekaranger Robo. This is my personal favorite when it comes to the vehicle-based mechs.

3. Daizyujin

The heroic design of Daizyujin invokes majesty and power, while not looking too intricate/complicated. The Dinotanker mode is also functional enough in battle, setting up the action for Daizyujin.

4. Flash King

I noticed that the early 80's mecha employed the red-yellow-blue primary color scheme. However, in terms of design for that era, Flash King is my favorite.

5. Galaxy Mega

While it has "gattai" in its title, to me, Galaxy Mega looks more like a henkei-type mecha. However, it looks great. It also utilizes various finishers, probably more than any other mecha in Sentai history.
6. Jet Icarus

Jet Icarus is one of the Sentai mechs that I liked because of its head and face alone. The Icarus Haken mode pays homage to Gatchaman in form and finisher as well.

7. Magiking

Magiking can probably top this list if aesthetics alone would be the standard.The wingspan is imposing, and the wizard hat can actually be tipped, which was a nice touch. The Dragon Rider formation is also fun to see in action. Definitely the best in high fantasy.

8. RV Robo

The chest lights and the head are my favorite details on this mecha. It has a nice overall design though.

9. Time Robo

The Time Robo definitely wins in the versatility department for having 3 modes designed to handle any enemy in any situation. Though design-wise Alpha is my personal favorite due to its red base color, and more "orthodox" facial features. I may be sounding too biased here, but the theme song of this guy is definitely my favorite.

10. Turboranger Robo

While most Sentai mecha have their eyes exposed, Turboranger Robo's eyes are constantly covered by visors, though visible when they flash. It's also amusing to watch when its feet become roller skates.

Honorable mentions:
Sun Vulcan Robo
Muteki Shogun

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