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S.H. Figuarts Ultraman Jack Review

Hi, GBatz here, this time for the review of the S.H. Figuarts Ultraman Jack from Return of Ultraman.

Quick Bio:

Ultraman Jack, formerly known as "New Ultraman", Ultraman ll or Returning Ultraman, is the fourth Ultra Crusader to arrive on Earth, debuting in Return of Ultraman. (Source: Ultraman Wikia)


The packaging is a standard SHF design consisting of the window where you can see the figure and its accessories, the character image at the front, name and image of the figure on one side, and the signature poses on the back.


The figure is standard SHF Ultraman base body with lots of articulations making the dynamic poses very possible. The paint is composed of glossy silver and vibrant red lines in some areas of the body. Plus, the creases of the suit gives more accuracy to the actual suit in the show.

Hands and Accessories:

The hands consists of the following:
- Spacium Ray hand
- Ultra Slash/ Dismembering Halo hand
- Flat open hands (for flight and Spacium Ray pose)
- Stressed open hands
- Gripping hand (for Ultra Spark) 
- Gripping hands (for Ultra Cross and Ultra Lance)

For the accessories, these include the following:
- Ultra Lance
- Ultra Cross
- Ultra Brace
- Red Color Timer
- Ultra Spark

Ultra Slash!!!

Ultra Brace!!

Ultra Lance!!!

Ultra Cross!!!

Spacium Ray!!!

Another great release from SH Figuarts tokusatsu line. Personally, I am satisfied with the load-out that would give justice to the character in figure form. The details were impressive, the paint was spot on and clean, and the articulations did not disappoint. Although it lacks the Defender (shield) accessory, it does not hurt the figure as a whole.

In total, it is 4 stars out of 5.

Hope you enjoy this review.
Keep collecting and SCHUWATCH!!!!

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